Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching Up

Its no surprise to y'all, I haven't done a great job of blogging this week.  There really hasn't been a whole lot going on to blog about but I'll do my best to catch you up.  =)
Last weekend we went to Searcy for Andrew's Granddaddy's funeral.
My sweet girly before we headed out.

Getting comfy on the car ride.


I think he gets a drink before we head out more so for the straw he can chew on when he's finished than the actual drink itself.

*I left my camera in Searcy so I'm missing several pictures from the weekend.  Thank goodness for phones!*

Me and Hadley at the luncheon before granddaddy's funeral on Monday.

We got in late Monday night and Tuesday ended up being a BIG day in our families baby department!
Jolene had another ultrasound and guess what...
Paige Ryan

Tuesday afternoon, at 1:01 to be exact, I became an aunt again to this sweet little boy!
Gatlin Huck Van Lear, 6lbs. 8oz. & 20 inches long

My "baby news," Thursday I got my 3rd shot, woohoo!!!  HALFWAY!
I also finished the last book in the Hunger Games series Thursday night, so Andrew I went to see the movie on Friday.  
(I'm almost embarrassed to say I started the first book of the series last Friday. I know I'm a bit ridiculous but it was SO good I couldn't stop.)

We've been enjoying the weather SO much this week.  We've done yard work, grilled 3 times for dinner and spent as much time outside as possible!!  Definitely trying to take advantage before summer gets here and its just too hot to enjoy.

This morning our church had their Eggstravaganza in the YMCA courtyard.
Hadley had a blast during the egg hunt.

She loaded up!!

 And she got to talk to the Easter Bunny!

Then we headed over to the 4 inflatables they had setup.

Before we left we spent some time on the playground.

Andrew found a crossfit leg workout online and when he got home, the whole fam did it together in the backyard... It was pretty ridiculous!  I'll let you know if I'm able to walk tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to enjoy a dinner of pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower, and roasted parmesan asparagus.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Hadley looks adorable in her chick outfit! :) And congrats to Jolene and Rachel!!! :)

    Nichole and I are sitting here catching up on your blog. :) Miss you and LOVE you!!!!!!


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