Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Update {Jolene's Surprise PARTY!}

This weekend was pretty much Operation Surprise Party for Jolene and I loved it. =)
Ryan and I have been planning since I first called back in October. (I know I get excited about parties.) Jolene said she didn't want anything big for her 30th but didn't mention her 31st.
I couldn't believe it was finally here!!

I got into town late Wednesday afternoon. I spent a lot of both days rummaging through the barn in my parents backyard, cutting up logs (my dad actually did this) and Jonathan and I sorting through pictures for Jolene's party decor.
We found some winners!
Top Left: Thought I looked kinda like Hadley?,
Top Right: Check out my dad's legs, ha! (He's on the right),
Bottom Left: My dad helped to deliver that cow! (2 bodies, 1 head) Crazy I know!!
Bottom Right: You'll be glad to know both of my parents have purchased new frames and I try to limit my dad's muscle shirts. (But with those guns maybe I shouldn't.) =)

My picture sorting buddy.

Thursday afternoon my brother, Hadley and I met my dad for lunch.
I love that they are both making the same face. (And no it wasn't planned.)
After lunch, Hadley and I ran some party errands and then went to see my mom at school.
Hadley got a gift from one of mom's students too. Mom said she'd been waiting for months to give it to her.
How sweet was that?!

Mom and I got to the church around 8:45a to start setting up.
How many people does it take to work a vacuum? In this case, 3.

Jolene (without knowing) was determined to make this as difficult as possible.
She called that morning to see if we could pick the kids up and keep them until she got off work. That would have been fine except you can't always depend on kids to keep secrets so we took them to Boys and Girls club while we finished.
Then, she called telling us that Pea Ridge was having their 150th anniversary and wanted to go from 2-5 on Saturday. The people were supposed to start arriving at the party at 5. =/
On top of that there were plans for dinner that night.
Needless to say I was getting stressed because I knew if we didn't finish the decorations that night we definitely wouldn't have time before the party on Saturday.
Friday ended well and we got most everything done.

I got to Jolene and Ryan's at 7:00 while they went to work for a bit. Then I headed back to mom and dad's when Ryan got home around 9 and started getting ready for "The Battle of Pea Ridge."
Sitting on the cannon with Pap-pa.
Audrey taking a turn on the cannon.

You can see Hadley plugging her ears while they shot the cannons.

Hadley needed to check out the tents.
From the look-out.

There were a few guys playing some blue grass at The Tavern when we got there. Hadley and Audrey couldn't help but dance.

After The Tavern we headed back into town for the party.


"For me? My birthday?"
I think she was surprised.

Ryan was in charge of the adults' food and went with Carrabba's, it was delicious!
I was in charge of the kids' food: Chick-fil-A nuggets, fruit and mac-n-cheese, nothing too exciting.

I loved the way this table turned out!

Ryan also ordered the cake which, like the food, was delicious.

My amazing husband came down that afternoon just for the party and headed back home that night.
*Love Him*
Sorry this is the only picture I have of my brother at the party, ha.

Ryan's parents were also there, but kept running from the camera. =(



We covered the kids table in butcher paper and set out some crayons. At the end of the night we ended up with some beautiful artwork. =)

Happy Birthday to you...

Yes this is a SUPER awkward photo of me. But I put it in because it was the only picture where you could see the paper lanterns that my dad and brother worked so hard on putting up.

Hadley took a short break from running around for CAKE!


While the adults picked up, the kiddos had fun playing with some extra balloons I had in one of my boxes. I mean what's a party without balloons?

*Thank you to my mom, dad, Kristin, Jonathan, Pap-pap and grandma for helping out with the set-up on Friday.
*Thank you to Ryan for getting the food and cake for the party on Saturday, they were both DIVINE!
*Thank you to all who came. I think it was a very memorable birthday for Jolene.
*And thank you Jolene for being born so we can do things like this. =)

Today we went to church and headed back to mom and dad's for left overs.
After the first bout of rain Hadley and I headed back to T-town!
We're off to bed as Hadley has her first swim lesson tomorrow!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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  1. Looks Fun-Amazing party planner!:)-
    Happy Birthday Jolene!

  2. Jenn and I so wish that we could have been there. Looks like y'all had a great time. Happy birthday Jo!

  3. Janelle, wow! You all put together the most amazing party. Where did you come up with all the decorations? It is so cute. I love the pictures of Jolene walking in - she looks so surprised! And Audrey and Hadley are adorable...

  4. WOW! What a party!!! You did an amazing job Janelle. You win "sister of the year" for sure!! <3 <3 <3


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