Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Update {Keepin' Busy}

I have a lot of pictures so I'll try to make the talk short.  =)

That morning we met our playgroup at Bounce U for a date.  Hadley could seriously bounce ALL day if I would let her.  We all had a blast!
After our playdate we met for lunch at Panera and then Hadley and I went for a treat.  
We got our nails done! 
This was Hadley's first time and she was AWESOME!  This child moves 90 to nothin' all day long but if you're going to paint her fingers/toes or do her hair she would sit for hours.

We also had a friend send us a picture of her broom standing on end because of the way the planets are aligned or something, so we tried it.

Friday night we had dinner at the Owen's house and the 2 Hadleys had a blast playing together.
I feel I should add that Hadley had an accident shortly after arriving, hints the "no pants" look.

**Friday was so much fun.  Hadley and I had some awesome mommy/daughter time.  As much as I want another baby I have to say God has given me such a great opportunity to have these quality moments with my sweet girl and I love them all.**

We started the day with a baby shower for sweet baby Layla.  The mommy-to-be's sister hosted the shower in her beautiful home.  After the shower we got a tour and I fell in LOVE with these trees in her little girl's room.  I want them!!

After leaving the shower we went to the Disney Store for a scavenger hunt.  They had these signs with different characters and words on them around the store.  You had to find the sign, match it to the character on your paper, then write the word seen on the sign on the line beside the character.  Once you finished you got a prize (puzzle and hat).

We got home and were just lazy the rest of the day.
I wrote Hadley's name and let her practice.
(Incase you were wondering, mine's on top and hers is on the bottom.)

Saturday's Dinner:
Grilled chicken smothered in onions, peppers & pepper-jack cheese and topped w/ fresh avocado with sides of roasted asparagus and salad

While we cleaned up the table I let Hadley play with my phone and she took all these fun pictures of the balloonimals she made. 
(A nice surprise.)

After we cleaned up we had a game night!  
Princess Yahtzee anyone?! 

**Saturday was such a busy day but playing our game at the end of the night really made me think about what an AMAZING gift God has given me in my sweet little girl, amazing husband and cuddly dog.**

We actually got up for early service today, HOORAY!  After class we headed out for lunch with the group at Taco Bueno.  
The kiddos got to sit at their own table!  How big are they?!

Tonight we had our community groups for church at the Clendenen's.  
The kids, of course, had a blast playing together.

**I really feel like God has blessed us with Park Plaza.  We have such a great church family and it makes me sad to think we won't be here once Andrew starts residency. =(**

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. I don't know what it is about my house, but I was looking through my old blog posts, and the last time you guys came over for the Bedlam Game in December, Hadley was in her underwear then too! :)

  2. Love the pictures! Hadley is so smart!


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