Thursday, March 22, 2012

Family Time {Norman Style}

Tuesday afternoon Cece, Tamra and the kids came into town all the way from central Arkansas.  Hadley was more than excited to see her cousins. 
 Andrew and I were excited because we got to start the visit with a date night, while they took all the kids to see The Lorax and swim back at their hotel.


We went to Kilkenny's for dinner, its an Irish pub off Cherry St. that has a great atmosphere and delicious food. We started our meal with these delicious oyster nachos, yum!

 Wednesday morning we went to breakfast at Tally's.  Then we took the kiddos to the Aquarium while Andrew went to the school to study for a while.

The sharks were a hit. 
Addy was keeping a close watch on the bull shark that was swimming behind them.

We had to take a picture outside before we headed home.  I think Addy was over the picture taking at this point, ha.

 While Addy conked out for a serious nap, Trey and Hadley had a rest period with a movie.  Then Tamra and I headed out for some shopping.

When we got back Andrew was home so we all headed to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and CherryBerry for dessert!!

By this time the kiddos were anxious to swim so we headed back to their hotel for bed jumping and swim time.

This morning when the mail man came he had a surprise for Hadley from Mimi & Pap-pa.
(She had left Raja and puppy in Rogers the weekend before.)

We spent the morning just hanging out and eating cinnamon rolls.  Then made a lunch that we all got to enjoy together.
We had such a fun time with everyone so it was sad to see them go, but of course we were sure to give lots of hugs before they left.  =)
Can't get enough family time!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Love Kilkenny's for a date night-yum! I feel like we haven't seen you guys in awhile! We must be missing alternating Sundays.


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