Friday, March 16, 2012

Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday!! {Friday Version}

Yesterday Hadley and I finally did our baking activity!

*Pink Lemonade Cookies*

Follow directions on back of the box. (simple right)

Mix well
 (Its always good to have a cute little helper for this part.)

Bake, Decorate & TA*DA!

Taste testing.  =)

When Andrew got home it was beautiful and still light outside so we played around and grilled.
(Andrew also got some practice in on his otoscope.) 
That night we had a going away party for our current president of SAA.  Her husband is doing the rest of his elective rotations in their hometown of Durant, OK and they leave tomorrow.  =(

Everyone waiting on Amanda for the big surprise.

Haha... I think she was surprised.

All the yummy treats!

This morning we had our St. Patrick's Day party with our playgroup.  I had Hadley model her outfit before we left.

Apryl had the table set up perfect, thanks for hosting!!

They also had a new puppy, Bella.  Hadley loved holding her.

Puppy Love!

After playgroup Hadley and I met Andrew and some of our friends, the Relics, for lunch.  We had a blast listening to Hadley tell stories and getting us to tell some too.

Today also started Andrew's Spring Break and I'm so excited.  We're hoping to get out of T-town just the 3 of us even if it is only a couple days, can't wait!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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