Friday, June 1, 2012

MAJOR Catch-up!

I apologize for the information overload, its been a while since my last post... enjoy!

Erin planned a fun princess party at a little pottery painting place called, The Purple Glaze, for Emerson's 3rd birthday.  They had so many things to choose from for the kids to paint.  I think one of the favorites was just picking their figurines out.

All the kiddos had a blast picking out and painting their figurines. 

Hadley painted a bear with an "H."

Singing Happy Birthday!!

Emerson loaded up on the gifts!  =)

Hadley and Emerson have so much fun together!  Before we left Hadley had to get a hug from the Birthday Girl!!

When we got home we went for a jog and wild woman rode her bike up and down the sidewalk for a while and then took a dip in her little pool.

Andrew and I enjoyed cuddling during Hadley's swim time.  =)  Isn't he a cutie?!

Hadley and I went to Springdale to watch the Arkansas Naturals play.

Strike came up in the stands and picked on some of the fans.

Its Strike.. I mean Hadley.

Hadley spotted the JumpJump from the parking lot so we had to designate some time for it while we were there.

Kids ate free so Hadley got a hotdog, chips and a drink.  Then, Mimi got ice cream and Hadley was suddenly starving again.

Sydney and Hadley showing off their Chester the Cheetah tattoos.  =)

Syndey's daddy got her some popcorn and she so graciously shared with Hadley.  Maybe it was gracious or maybe she was just afraid to tell Hadley "The Popcorn Monster" no.  =)

After the game they had an AMAZING fireworks show.

And let the kids run around the bases.  Hadley and Sydney ran together.  They started their route towards center field then noticed the rest of the kids actually touching the bases and quickly followed them.

Once they were done you would have thought they had just run a marathon with all their excitement and jumping.

MONDAY (Memorial Day)
Andrew joined the Air Force just before starting med school so we haven't really lived the military life yet.
Though I haven't had the full feeling of what military life is like I am still very thankful for all those who have fought and are currently fighting to honor and protect our country.  You are all truly heros. 
He looks pretty good in a uniform huh.  =) 
Hadley worked on a puzzle before heading to breakfast at Chick-a-flick with the rest of the family.

The girls had a shopping trip after breakfast and the rest of the day was all about relaxing and eating of course.  =)

Dad and I got the the urge to watch The Avengers later Monday evening.  Luckily there was a 10:05 showing so we made a date of it.  Oh and it was great!!

We ate lunch with the fam and then headed back to T-town.

We met some friends for lunch at Chick-a-flick and played in the play place for a while.
Then, Hadley and I initiated our summer passes for Big Splash.

Hadley was so exhausted she fell asleep at 6:45 and stayed asleep until 8:30 he next morning!

Andrew took the day off of studying since his test was the next day and Hadley and I took him to Big Splash
Despite the way Hadley looks in this picture she sat in the bunny's lap and asked for her picture to be taken.  =)

Today we started our morning with Hadley's 3 year well check.  Like her birthday party Hadley got the Tinkerbell theme, how fitting.
My baby girl had grown 4 inches and gained 5 lbs since her 2 year check.  Can I just make time stop, this is craziness?!

 After her appointment we grabbed some lunch and got the oil changed in my car.  Thankfully there was another little girl Hadley's age for her to play with while we waited.  After the little girl left Hadley found this little guitar and started jamming out it was pretty funny.  I should have taken a video.

Then we ran a gift by to our friend Miss Aubrey who just turned 1 a few weeks ago.

When we got home Andrew joined us after finishing his Step 1 boards.  HOORAY its over!!!

When he got home he noticed Hadley feeling a bit warm.  The first we took her temp it she was 99.5*, then 100.5* and within an hour of the first she was at 101.5*  Sadly the only time Hadley has ever really been sick or run fever has been after a doctor's visit.  (And a well visit at that.)  She didn't complain about feeling sick and after some Tylenol Hadley was back down to 99.5* before going to bed. Hopefully it breaks overnight.  *fingers crossed*

Well, we leave for Disney World in less than a week, AHH!  I can't believe its here!!  I'll try to post between now and when we leave or else my next few posts will be out of control.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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