Monday, June 25, 2012

Searcy Visit

So as you read in my last post we drove through the night from Disney and got into Conway around 8, ate breakfast, got our car, and got to Searcy around 10:30.  When we got to Cece and Pajee's house we went swimming.

She asked to do this over, and over, and over.....

Then these two took a much needed nap.
We had a date night!  Yes folks that's 2 in 2 weeks time, WhoopWhoop!!

After dinner we treated ourselves to the famous Bald Knob strawberry shortcake, YUM!

We still had some time to kill before our movie so we stopped by Hay's and I found some Razorback gear I loved.
We watched Snow White and the Huntsman, which wasn't terrible, but also wasn't great.  Regardless we got to watch it by ourselves and enjoy a big bucket of popcorn! (For those of you counting my calories for the evening... STOP!)

Meanwhile Cece and Pajee took Hadley on a date to McDonald's.

We were in Searcy for Father's Day, so Sunday we had lunch with these two fine men in celebration of the day.

Hadley had a basket for her Pap-pa, Pajee and Daddy that looked like this.  Complete with carwash stuff, flashlight, some specific candy favorites...

plus a picture for each...

She gave Pap-pa his before we left for Disney World.

Later that day Trey and Addy came over to spend the rest of the week.  Hadley was pretty excited to give them their souvenirs.  She got them a t-shirt, bag and magnet.  Don't worry Harper your's is coming in the mail!

Then it was time to swim!

Carol came and helped take care of a serious yellow jacket nest in the slide.  No joke, once we sprayed 9 adults came out and died in addition to the 4 maggot like babies, GROSS!!!

Carol and Pajee enjoyed watching all the kiddos swim.  And talked about fun things like the weather and what's the best way to get rid of crab grass.  ;)

J.O. was over too so we had another Father's Day celebration for dinner.

We spent one evening with friends where we celebrated my sweet friend, Ashley's birthday.
They missed Hadley's party so they had a present for Hadley to open.
Merida and Angus

We swam...

... plus had a delicious dinner, followed by cake and a blast from the past with some old pictures.

Regardless of how long we stay our trips never seem to be long enough to see everyone.  Sorry if we missed you this trip.  =(

The next day Cece treated all of us to a day at the Jacksonville splash pad and pool.

Hadley went to bed early that night and all the kids ended up sleeping pretty late.  I love it when that happens.

 The next day we swam some more...
Hadley and Andrew had a water war and we actually got Pajee in the water!!

We Andrew took care of a colony of red wasps inside the diving board.  Seriously what's the deal with wasps and pools?

While we were there we also went on a few runs and bike rides, one of which didn't end so well.
We are new to the whole biking world (its probably been 12 years for the both of us) and we did some hills that would probably be difficult for the pros.  I went to get off my bike on the way up one and hit the handles of the child's seat behind me and took the whole thing down.  =(  Luckily Hadley opted to stay home on this ride, so the only victim was me.  It didn't really hurt which was good considering it happened only half way through our ride and I still had to make it home.

Andrew did a fantastic job fixing me up for the ride home the next day, thanks babe.

We headed home Wednesday.  It was really just for my appointment and to do laundry in prep for leaving again, a Branson trip for our little fam.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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