Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DISNEY: Pre-Party & Day 1

Wow it's been a while!  We have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the most magical place on earth, DISNEY WORLD!!  I thought I would take some time and share a few of our memories from each day.  I'm planning to put these in a few posts, hope you enjoy!

The day before we headed out we had a Disney party at my parents house to get everyone excited.
Somebody's excited!

Hadley found this "very scary pumpkin head" in mom and dad's garage and carried it everywhere, ha.

Grandma and Pap-pap didn't go to Disney with us but they did come over to help us celebrate our departure. 

Complete with Disney plates and cups.

 Mimi made a special dessert.

Mimi & Pap-pa stocked all the kiddos up with laser chasers, pjs, coverups and souvenir money. Grandma and Pap-pap got all the kids a Mickey/Minnie for the trip, which Hadley carried EVERYWHERE!

Hadley and I got our toenails done before we headed out on Friday.

We made a few pit stops on our way but finally made it and were ready for our first day Sunday morning.
Nothing like McDonalds to carb you up before a big day.

I love this part!!!!

Hadley and Audrey were really excited while we were getting our hopper passes for the week.

We took the fairy into Magic Kingdom and it was a hit with all the kids.

*Sword in the Stone*

We rode just about every ride in Fantasyland and we got pictures of us on a few.

*Peter Pan*

Jolene decided to play while we waited for the Pooh ride, ha.


*Tea Cups*


*Aladdin's Carpet*

*Pirates of the Caribbean* 

I thought this was funny because they had the EXACT same face.  =)

After the ride we headed to the resort to check in.  It was perfect timing to watch the afternoon parade.

Hadley loved the ride back on the monorail.

*Our Resort*
This is one of Disney's newest resorts.  Infact it opened 9 days before we got there.

We stayed in the Finding Nemo portion of the resort.
Our suite.
The awesome pool and play area.

After checking in we headed back out, with mom and dad, to Tony's inside Magic Kingdom for dinner.  Hadley got some Minnie ears while we waited for our reservation.

Mom, Dad and Andrew all got the sirloin.

I got the lasagna.

Hadley got Mickey Ravioli.

We all got different desserts.

Check out the caramel drizzle on mom's dessert.

Before the rain and lightening we had planned to watch the electric parade.  Hadley played hop-scotch until they canceled it.

Hadley rocked Andrew's new hat on the way back to our resort.

I'll be updating on Day 2 soon so be looking for it!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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