Friday, October 19, 2012

Surviving October...

Monday, was all a blur.  You know when you just have one of those days well this was "one of those days."
 I feel like since I walked in my door late Sunday night I haven't stopped going. Andrew, bless his heart, has really only been eating and sleeping at home with this month's Internal Medicine rotation, so I had a bit of a mess to pick up. Then grocery shopping, lots of calls and emails and dinner for a friend which ended up just being me ordering them a pizza, I'm so sorry Brookmans. =(

Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of Hadley throwing up on my bedroom floor.  Then she tells me its in her bed too... awesome.
She was done throwing up before noon but then came the "other."  She had an accident with that and I was beginning to fade until I got a knock at the door.

When I ordered our new couch it wasn't supposed to arrive until mid November.  Guess what I got a few weeks early?

Andrew had another late night so Hadley and I had a picnic on the living room floor.
Cheesy Garlic Chicken, Baked Sweet Potato, Garlic Knot & Side Salad

When Andrew finally got home he wanted to test all the new features of our couch.  Yep, we have a hide-a-bed, this was our main reason for getting a new couch. We need more sleeping space.

Wednesday, Hadley woke up knowing exactly what she wanted to wear and how her hair was to be done (2 ponies that twist around).  
This entire outfit was her.

Sadly I had to make her change because we had dance and I didn't want to have to change her again.  She gladly popped into her leotard and we set off to the school.  The MSI and MSIIs are having a lot  of tests so the SAA is bringing up snacks through out the week to help out.  Hadley and I brought up a fruit tray and chit chatted for a bit then headed to dance.

Hadley's getting to be quite the comic I'm always laughing at the stuff she says.  
Tuesday, after knocking over a display of glow necklaces in Dollar Tree she says, "Don't worry Mommy, we'll get this back in ship-shape."
Today, on our drive to dance we were getting caught in lots of traffic.  Then she says, "Why are all these people going to my dance?"

Hadley was walking across the high beam by herself today and doing flips on the bar by herself.  Why is she growing up so fast?

 She loves this class!

Did a little bit of pillow shopping and found a couple I liked.  =)

Before heading back to the school for our shift, at the fundraiser, Hadley changed out of her leotard and into this.  I just laughed because she looks like she's ready for winter.  But she was adamant the boots were a must.

Wednesday was the first day of our SAA's annual Oktoberfest fundraiser.
It was a fun night with the girls!

Thursday was not a great day.  Hadley didn't have MDO because of fall break, so I took her to see Brave at the $1 movie.  I woke up not feeling well but decided to push through it.  It didn't go well.  I had to get up twice during the movie to throw up.  Then threw up twice on the drive home, yes, while I was driving.  I'm sure I terrified anyone who drove past us.

When we got home Hadley wanted to put something "more fancy" on while I found a comfy spot on the couch.

The rest of the day was spent watching movies.

Thankfully Andrew got home early and got me some chicken noodle soup and we watched Can't Hardly Wait. I love old school movies.

Today, I've still been recovering from yesterdays yuck.  I left Hadley unattended for a bit and came back to this.  I think I lost about $12 in stamps today.

By the end of the day I finally had enough energy to do some stuff around the house.  Hadley was a great assistant and helped me with dinner.

Hoping to feel 100% tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

On another note we've had a new arrival in the family.  My cousin Jennifer and her husband Eric welcomed their first little boy, Ryan, into the world last week.

Well, I'm going to be honest, I'm looking forward to October coming to an end, its been a crazy month. 

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Hope you get to feeling better!! My daughter, Kendall, loves her gymnastics class!! They are so fun at this age:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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