Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Update {TU Tailgate}

Saturday afternoon the AOOA was hosting a tailgate for TU's Homecoming. Hads and I decided to go and on our way out saw Andrew.  I got really excited thinking he would get to go with us but instead he was coming home sick.  Yep, he got the bug Hads and I both had earlier in the week.
Sadly his attending just wrote him a script for phenergan and told him to fill it, take it, and come back in.  =(   Poor guy.  Like I said in my last post, "I'm ready for October to be over."

Hadley was pretty excited.

The kiddos with Captain 'Cane.

*Some of Our Group*

Airika came prepared with lots of toys for the little kids.

While the bigger kids played on the blow-ups.

After food and fun it was off to the game.
The Pritchett Family
The Johnston Family
 I felt impending guilt about doing lots of fun stuff with Andrew being sick, so the Hads and I didn't stay for the game.  Instead we headed home.  Luckily when we got there, Andrew was there.  Apparently his attending did have some generosity and when he went back in after picking up his prescription they told him to go home and rest because they were really going to need him Sunday. But also told him they would page him if he needed to come back in for anything dire.

Andrew was so nervous about getting called back in that he napped in his work clothes, bless it.

 By the evening, after he and Hadley both napped, he was feeling better and his phenergan was really working.  Since we actually had him home for a night we took advantage and watched Hotel Transylvania. Hadley's been talking about it for weeks.

The flash was a little much for The Hads.
It was a fun night.  We have really missed having our man home. *7 more days of October*

Sunday, Hadley woke up saying her tummy hurt and with our tummy record the last week we decided not going to church was in everyone's best interest. =/

I did get this sweet picture of Andrew and Hadley reading their nighttime Bible story.

Then, Andrew and I stayed up and watched Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part II.

It's already been a crazy week but I'll update you on that later.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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