Thursday, October 11, 2012

Searcy Town

I wanted let you know about the few days before I left for San Diego.  As I'm sure you would guess I will most likely have lots of pictures to share.  =)

Before we left on Wednesday we had several errands to run.  One of which included picking up our new copy of Cinderella.  That's right folks, she's back out of the vault.
Several errands were too boring to mention and the last before we left was dance/gymnastics.  I have yet to go to a class where I can't just smile at all the cuteness.  Hadley and her dance friends have so much fun together.
After dance we ran home for some last minute things (Aurora Dress) and to pick up Jake then got in the car to head to Searcy.
I make it sound as though I got on the road pretty soon after dance but that's untrue.  It was around 5 when we left meaning we didn't get into Searcy till 10, yes it was a long trip for me.

Thursday we had lunch with Cece at The Cookie Basket, a Searcy classic.  Then, headed to the Harding (my Alma Mater) to look around the bookstore and sit in a swing on the front lawn.
I tried to introduce Hadley to some of my professors but since it was lunch time no one was in their office.  =(
Yes, I'll admit, I'm one of "those moms" that sneaks in after their child is asleep just to stare at their sweetness. (And be completely baffled at the thought of them being this quiet.)
"Gangs all here:" Flashlight, Raja, Fox, Buzz and Woody

 Friday, we woke up and headed to Little Rock for a playdate with the Eichhorn girls.  We missed Addi's birthday a couple weekends ago so Hadley brought her gift with us.

The girls getting excited for lunch at Flying Fish.

When Hadley finished she grabbed my phone and of course went to town on the CamWow.  
(I'm only sharing 1 because I assume you didn't want to see the other 110 that look almost the exact same.)

 After lunch we took a Trolly ride through the River Market.  We had a bit of a wait but we stayed entertained.

At one point our conductor let both girls ring the bell.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Then, it was cupcakes at Brown Sugar Bakeshop, yum.

Thanks for the fun day Ashley and Addi, Hadley and I had a blast. By the way Ashley just found out she's having a boy, YAY!!

Thankfully Hadley was worn out from all the playing and driving, and decided to sleep on the trip home.  I say that because the 1 hour trip turned into 1hr 45m trip due to heavy rain and horrendous traffic.

When we got back to Searcy, Pajee and Cece treated us to dinner at McAlisters and dessert at Froyo Factory, aren't they the best?!

Saturday morning I met my dear friend Heather for a coffee date at the Searcy classic, Midnight Oil.
The Great Pumpkin Latte was a must!

While I was by Harding campus I drove past the new apartments... fancy pants.

That night J.O. and Tamra (my brother and sister in law) came over with the kids (Trey & Addy).  We had dinner and the girls helped Cece make a cake.

And later Hadley got ahold of my camera and played with CamWow.  It's an addiction for her.  =)
I'll be posting soon about my San Diego trip so stay tuned.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Sounds like you ate very well! I love the Cookie Basket (the lemon cookies are my favorite) and the Flying Fish. I haven't visited Harding in so long, but those new apartments look amazing. I'm a little jealous!


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