Monday, October 15, 2012

Saint Diego

After a much too early awakening, I arrived in San Diego and met up with the girls around 11.

Our view driving into the city.

We checked into our hotel, The US Grant.
I got to use my iphone panorama on this one.
Yes, those beds are as comfortable as they look.  =)

Then it was lunch at The Local on Broadway.

After lunch we went back to the room to freshen up and headed to the main convention hotel for the SAA/IRAA scavenger hunt through the Gas Lamp District.

Before the hunt we ran into Dr. Ray Stowers, AOA (American Osteopathic Association) President.

After the scavenger hunt with the other SAA representatives we had dinner at Kansas City BBQ, where the piano scene in Top Gun was filmed.  (I was going to take a picture of the piano but there was a couple sitting right next it and I thought that could be awkward.)

That evening there was a reception on the roof of the main hotel for the convention.  Yeah these doctors know how to do it up big.  That woman in the ball was floating in the pool most of the night doing acrobats.
And a live band, GREAT night!

Meetings, voting and more meetings.

It was an early morning with the Advocate Fun Run starting at 6.

Both girls set a new PR, way to go Joy & Apryl.  I was just the picture taker.  =)

After freshening up from the run we had a group breakfast where Joan Embrey came and showed off several of her animals including: a porcupine, 2 Toed Sloth, Baby Kangaroo and several others.
Then it was more meetings.  We finished up the last meeting with a photo session.  =)

*Our Oklahoma Group*

*Texas & Oklahoma SAA Representatives*

SAA Representatives
Florida, Texas, Missouri & Oklahoma

Me with the Missouri (Bobbi Jo) and Texas (Lauren) SAA Presidents.

After pictures we browsed through the convention booths.  When we passed the OSU-COM booth I noticed Hadley was on one of the packets!!  My claim to fame.  =)

After checking out most of the booths we had lunch at Sally's On The Water.  It was a perfect day to eat outside.

We couldn't have made a trip to San Diego without going to the Zoo so we headed that way after lunch.

Loaded up and ready to go on our double decker bus tour of the zoo.

We had dinner in Old Town San Diego with the OSU-COM Alumni.

Then a little shopping trip.  =)

One of the concierge told us about a really good place for breakfast so we headed there on our last morning in San Diego before heading to the airport.
It was a great trip, can't wait to go back!!!

"You stay classy San Diego!"

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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