Monday, September 23, 2013

I Hope You Dance

If I were to give this week (I know it's only Monday) a song/dance it would be Father Abraham.  The song that we all loved as a kid but when its requested as an adult you skip a couple verses because, lets be honest, it could go forever.  It's actually a bit physically exhausting as you're expected to sing and do all the movements simultaneously.  When it's over you feel a great since of accomplishment: 1- It's over and 2- You survived it.

Okay so I maybe exaggerating about the physical exertion in that song, but I've been a bit melodramatic here lately. While the song may not last forever this bug seems like it's taking its time to leave.

Yesterday we managed to stay in our jammies ALL DAY!!  Which was perfect for movies in mommy's bed!

Hadley's fever only got up to 101, but she did a nice projectile vomit show for me about 6 this morning all over the hallway floor. (Seriously it was epic. I kinda wish I could show you the distance she got!)
Thank goodness for hardwood.  Some towels and a good moping were all we needed instead of full on carpet scrubbing, yuck.

Since she added the vomiting today we made another trip to the doctor to rule out a few more things.  Now we know it is not a UTI and its not strep.  Her fever has also been much lower today.  As you can tell by her face, while we were there, she's feeling better.
I know I wouldn't be smiling like this if I had thrown up as much as she has today.  They did find ketones in her urine so they were a little concerned about her getting dehydrated so we're doing the BRAT diet and Zofran.

"Hey Mom! Those look like owls!"
Hadley's observation of our room door.

We're still not over it, but I'm glad she's feeling better.  In celebration of a few hours without vomit we did some sidewalk chalk and of course....DANCING!!!
Speaking of dancing, Lil' Bit was doing a number this morning.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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