Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bump Date: 26 Weeks

How far along:
26 weeks

Total weight gain:
I'm officially removing this portion.
I'm not really gaining much weight, which makes me somewhat self conscious (crazy that I feel that way about not gaining weight).  I promise I'm not dieting my ritual every night for the past week has been a bowl of Quakers maple and brown sugar oatmeal (and I add some extra maple & brown sugar).  Anyway, instead of stressing I'm just going to stop doing it.

Size of baby:
(about 14 inches)

Maternity Clothes:
I've got a few normal dresses and stretchy pants I can wear, but the rest are maternity.
Totally sported some fall attire today, LOVE!!!  Looking forward to more 70* days!

It's a BOY!!! 

Baby Boy's Name:
Oliver Gammill
Oliver- after my Great Grandmother Olive / Gammill (like camel with a 'G')- Andrew's mom's maiden name, as well as Andrew's middle name

Little man is very active these days and I love it.  LOVES the full on summersault. 
*Favorite Bouncy Spot: my bladder
*Favorite Bounce Time: evening (5ish), bedtime.
Incase you missed it on my post a few days ago.

Bathroom breaks are at about 2 a night and I'm pretty much a side sleeper now.  I may wake up on partial belly, but he's sure to let me know when he's uncomfortable.
Pillow between the legs is officially a must.

What I miss:
Sometimes I just want to lay on my tummy. Not really gunna happen.

Cravings: Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal (Mmmm...), Auntie Anne's Almond Pretzels with Carmel, pumpkin/squash anything
Aversions: fish still doesn't sound good on any level, I especially don't want to smell it

Other Symptoms:
1- Still NESTING
2- Had a few tired waves here and there. Not sure if that's pregnancy related or husband being gone related.
3- Oh sciatica...  I may not start the day so bad but if you catch me at the end of the day (especially a day with lots of walking) I'm in full waddle mode.

Big moment this week:
Another week of not many big moments.  Oliver has definitely started to get the hiccups more often.  Its so sweet to feel but at the same time when it goes for a while I start feeling bad for him, bless it.

I'm posting a full pic, because I'm dawning fall apparel and it just wouldn't be appropriate unless I got the boots in the picture.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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