Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update: We Want Daddy Home

We started the day with a BBQ Picnic at the park for SAA.  Hadley had a blast playing with friends.
While we ate lunch Hadley laid on my lap a couple time, which I knew wasn't like her, but she felt fine so I just figured she was tired.

We got home and I mowed. (No more brush pile to mow around, HOORAY!)
And after coming in she kept getting more mopey. Around 7 her temp was 101.5, and I gave her Tylenol a glass of ice water and cold grapes, 45 minutes later it had gone up to 102.1 (taken orally even after ice water and cold grapes).
Andrew's usually the one to tell me she'll be fine and I'm overreacting but he wasn't here and she rarely runs fever.  Not saying she isn't ever sick, she just doesn't run fevers very often. (I can honestly only count on one hand.)  On top of the fever she was complaining of her "brain hurting" and her "eyes feeling weird." (In my head Hadley has meningitis at least 5 times a year, haha, so this really freaked me out.)
Naturally I had a meltdown, then pulled myself together and got her ready to go to the ER. (I would blame the meltdown on hormones, but I really hate when she's sick AND Andrew's not here.)
I would have been fine taking her to an urgent care but the one we usually go to was already closed for the day.
Thankfully, we got in and out really fast and were able to see a doctor that's in our Bible class at church.
Rocking her PJs and Goofy slippers in the ER.
Of course its a virus which means Tylenol/Motrin until it passes, BLAH!
When we got home her temp was over 103 so I gave her some Motrin and thankfully she broke out in a serious sweat about 30 minutes later.

Last night really felt like having a newborn.  I was up just about every 1-2 hours and didn't actually go to bed until after midnight.  Her fever spiked again around 5:30 at 103.3, but went down with tylenol.  After giving her Motrin for 101.5 this morning at 9 she stayed between 100-101, without meds, until 4.
After talking to Andrew and some other friends we're kinda thinking Roseola, because its going around and Hadley doesn't have hardly any symptoms besides the fever and headache.  That being said, hopefully we only have another day or so of fever, then a rash and we can be done with this mess!!

On a more exciting note, today's the first day of fall!!!  Its a beautiful 80* here and I have changed out all my wax warmers to fall scents.  I also have some homemade butternut squash soup in the crockpot that is smelling divine right now.  I cannot wait to sit and enjoy some!!

Incase you're counting, like Hads and I are, only 5 more days till Andrew's home.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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