Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Update x2

I filled you in on the shower I helped out with last weekend but forgot to fill you in on the fun activities while Mimi and Pap-pa were here.

While I was at the shower the group (Mimi, Pap-pa, Andrew and Hads) went to Tally's.  Then, Pap-pa worked on replacing our threshold in our entry way.
In the midst he made a trip to a very cool woodworking shop and found a must-have tool.  Hadley loved it because with this tool came a big box and cool stuff for her Lalas.

Mimi and Pap-pa also brought peaches to make Great Grandma Williams' peach cobbler.
She's a great helper in the kitchen.

After heading to church and grabbing some lunch, Mimi and Pap-pa headed back home and Andrew spent most of the day packing for his Air Force rotation.
Looking snazzy!

Then we got our last Polar Ice of the season. *sniff, sniff*
Hadley had been requesting to wear this dress for weeks, so I finally gave in.

Now to this past weekend...
I tried to sport my Arkansas pride in preparation for their game Saturday. WPS!

Then, the Hads and I met some friends at The Vintage Market.  Lots of fun stuff and I made lots of notes. =)  Hadley walked away with a blueberry oatmeal set she couldn't stop playing with.

I got up while it was still cool and mowed the grass and did some pulling and spraying of weeds.  We still have all the brush from the storms (in July) in our front yard waiting to be picked up and I'm pretty sure something hissed at me when I went by.  I'll be glad when it's gone and Andrew's back.

After yard work I was ready to get out, so Hads and I ran a bunch of pointless errands.  Literally just went places and walked around, ha.

When we got home Hadley's clogs had arrived.  I got these for her last fall as well (in a 9) and was so sad when they didn't fit again this year.  I ordered a size 11 for this year!!!!  She's getting way too big!

I (unbeknownst to me) was able to get myself and Hadley ready for early service.  I was so glad I did because when it came time for class I didn't have to search frantically for a seat.
Why would I have to look frantically?
Well, we had the blessing of having Lee Strobel come to Park for class and he had some AMAZING things to share.  SO BLESSED to have been able to attend this class.  PS- The auditorium, chapel and family life center were ALL full!!!
After church our class actually hosted a lunch with him where he did a Q&A for all of us.  Again, so VERY blessed and so sad Andrew missed it. =(

A little tid bit on this shin dig.  Last fall our class was using one of Lee's books and one of our class leaders, David, starting emailing him.  Throughout these emails, David was able to get him to not only do Sunday morning bible class this week, as well as the lunch, but also speak at the ORU Mabee Auditorium for anyone in Tulsa who wanted to come.
Thank you Brookmans for getting this together.
Nichole, David and Lee
Sadly, I didn't get a picture with him, infact didn't even think of it till I was on my way home, blah!!  I did, however, get a chance to talk to him.

Here's some that I did manage to get.
Sallie and I totally matched. AWESOME!

Breaking Bread with friends...

That evening we spent with friends, just hanging out.  I had some grown-up time and Hadley got to play in the water/mud.  A perfect end to our weekend!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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