Friday, October 29, 2010

Cookies Make Me Smile...

I love Fridays, mainly because Andrew gets to come home at noon instead of 5:30, but definitely my favorite day of the week. This morning Hadley and I were pretty lazy and it was glorious!!
A spoon makes a smile and apparently so do cookies!
(Finally some PJs that fit!)
Lunch time...Yes, she's still in her pajamas. This girl loves some corn on the cob!
And a cookie for dessert.
After nap contemplating whether or not to empty out the cabinet. In case you're curious...she did, are you surprised?
While I was getting dinner on the table. It is rare that she actually sits this still.
Tonight's Dinner:
Turkey Tenderloin w/ Parsnips & Pears
and a baked sweet potato. Andrew calls what is in the middle of this potato "pure awesomeness butter."
*Sara Bell I saw where you were trying to do Gluten free foods this meal is gluten free! Well... the entree.

Quick wardrobe change before heading outside to play.
(She poured water all down her last outfit.)
Trying to talk us into some, "Num-nums!"
(This is what Hadley call M&Ms and/or Candy Corn)
The rest of the evening was spent getting our fill of quality time with Andrew, because he's got a big test Monday and we probably won't be spending much time with him the rest of the weekend.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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