Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gym: I think I know what that is...

So today was the first time I've gone to the gym since we moved here. I have gone on walks and seldom jogs but never to the gym, I know its kinda sad considering we've been here since June. I was really excited about this gym #1- Its women only, #2- It has child care and #3- they have those cool toning tables.

Anyway, I wasn't too nervous about embarrassing my self with how out of shape I was, maybe I should've been, but I was nervous about leaving Hadley. I know, I know... but honestly I haven't left Hadley with anyone but family or close friends before. The crazy mom inside me wanted to take a picture of Hadley and the childcare worker, not for keepsakes, but just in case she stole her I would have a picture to show the police. (I'm only halfway kidding.)
For real though, when I went to get her, thankfully she was still there, but the girl was in the corner on the phone and Hadley was playing with a Sunny Delite sport bottle that still had residue from SOMEONE ELSES DRINK!!! (Hadley is actually notorious for going through the trash. Just today I walked into the living room to find the empty box of waffles I had just thrown away in the middle of the floor.) Its a nice gym but I'm thinking I may start waiting till Andrew gets home before I go workout.

Hadley looked super cute today, but are you suprised? (Rockin' the plaid and boyfriend jeans like its 1980.)

Tonight for dinner we had homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza.
These are the ingredients I used: Pizza Crust, Red & Green Onion (chopped), grilled chicken, pizza blend cheese, fully cooked bacon (cut into pieces), and of course BBQ sauce. (My uncle makes his own BBQ sauces and this is one of his, Sweet-n-Smokey)
I layer in this order you can do whatever you choose:
1. BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken, cut bacon, chopped onions, more cheese (for those of you who have cheese lovers in your home)
2. Bake @ 425* until golden, combine with a salad and ENJOY!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. That pizza sounds yum! Oh and that daycare sounds a little sketch! Haha! I still haven't taken Addi to our gyms daycare, it's kinda in the basement which worries me a little. Geez, I have to get over being so paranoid!


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