Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Things We Say...

This is a really random post but something happened today that made me start thinking of all the little phrases we have and how some of them can be confusing or atleast for some people.

For example:
*Andrew has a friend that for the longest time thought the phrase: "I beg to differ," was really, " I bake a differ."

* I had a friend growing up that in the opening song of Beauty & the Beast where Belle is singing, "There goes the baker with his tray like always..." she thought it was "There's goes the baker with his train pipe longways."

* I'll admit that just in the last couple years I found out the phrase I thought was "an old wise tale," is really "an old wives tale."

* Andrew also had a friend that in the song Hold Me Closer, by Elton John. Elton sings, "Hold me closer tiny dancer..." this friend thought it was "Hold me closer Tony Danza..." (Maybe that was because someone actually made that into a song later on.)

* I also for a long time, when given a choice between two things would use the phrase, "I would go with the latter of the two." Not really knowing which one I was choosing exactly, only hoping the true "latter" would really be the one I agreed with. (In my head I pictured a "ladder" and that's where it ended.)

Anyway, I would love to hear of any of your incorrect phrases!!! Pin It


  1. Haha! These are too funny! Derek thought that the phrase "making ends meet" was actually "making ends meat"... that one's a little strange! I always thought "key- less entry" was "kila sentry" that was before I had a car and knew what it even was! ha!

  2. Haha...Those are really funny. Now I find myself saying in the wrong way on purpose just because its funny.

  3. That's funny! I also thought it was "chesser drawers" and always wondered what chesser drawers were. Only recently (like last week) did I figure out it was chest of drawers.

  4. Creedance Clearwater Revival: "...there's a bathroom on the right" was confused with "There's a bad moon on the rise"!

  5. Haha! I think I know who made the "baked a differ" comment! When Lion King comes on, we always say, "nah nah penguins in pajamas" because we don't know the words.

  6. These are great! I have to admit to not knowing some phrases...what I thought when someone would say something I was unsure of I thought it meant taking it with the "grand assualt" but was recently informed it was "a grain of salt!" Just words...what I thought was wheel barrel is wheelbarrow. And for my yankee family across, they say acrosst?! :) Oh life is funny sometimes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for letting me in on the "wheelbarrow" thing! I always thought it was wheel barrel too! haha!

  8. I have always thought it was "chester drawers", and that's what we have always said..Its still hard for me to make myself say "chest-of-drawers" because it sounds silly to me.
    Also, Melanie & I both thought until the end of Sr. year that whenever we had missed the max amount of chapels that a lady named "Donna Tropoly" sent us an email (a.k.a.

  9. Me too Meghon!! I actually think I asked someone who she was one time.


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