Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was Spook-O-Ween at the school. This is a carnival thing that OSU's SAA (Student Advocate Association) does every year for the kids before Halloween. Hadley and I went up earlier today to help set up and then came back later for all the festivities with Andrew.

This morning, they had the JumpJump set up for all the kiddos to play on while the moms set up. Hadley was downstairs with some other kids in the JumpJump while I was upstairs hanging signs. All the sudden I hear Hadley screaming only to look down and see she's being attacked, yes attacked, by another little girl in the JumpJump. Poor Hadley kept trying to pull away crying and yelling, "No, No, No," and the little girl kept pulling her back. I started sprinting downstairs when one of the other moms saw what was happening and jumped in to save Hadley. She literally had to PULL the other girl off Hadley. I honestly thought Hadley was going to be scarred for life and would never want to get in a JumpJump again. Not 2 minutes later she was back in there, jumping and having the time of her life as if nothing traumatic had ever happened inside those 4 walls. (The little girl was with her mom on the opposite end from the JumpJump.)

Here's a picture of Hadley and some of the kids playing after the "experience."

After nap, counting the minutes until we left for Spook-O-Ween!
Hadley ate a crayon (green) for snack today.
Yesterday Hadley and I went to Reasors to get these flowers when Hadley pointed at a rose and said, "flower." I said yes this is actually a rose, in which she repeated, "rose." Today I put her on the table to get a picture and she turns to the flowers, points to one of the roses and says, "Rose!" Seriously she's brilliant!!! I'm just sayin!
This child LOVES the JumpJump.
Two mommas with two Hadleys.
Our family!

Tonight's Dinner:
(Homemade Butternut Squash Soup topped w/ Thai Gremolata and Rosemary Foccacia Toast)

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