Monday, October 18, 2010

M is for McDonald's

So I used to be one of those moms who said they would NEVER give their child fast food, at least until they were old enough to go get it themselves. I mean when Hadley was a baby I would make all her baby food and tried to stay as close to organic as possible. I still try to stay away from all the added hormones and junk they put in certain foods but I have stumbled in my attempt to stay away from the nemesis McDonald's or as my nephew Trey says, "Ole Mac Donald."

I can honestly say Hadley made it a little over a year before having her first bite of fried food. I still don't feed it to her a lot but its so convenient. (Let me note that Hadley's favorite item on the McDonald menu is the grilled chicken snack wrap, so its really not that bad.)

Here's an example of its convenience:
As you know today is my cleaning and grocery day. Well, today was the BEST trip I've ever had with Hadley at Wal-Mart!!! And you know what the difference in today and every other trip was? Before starting I made a pit stop at the Wal-Mart McDonald's and got a chicken nugget Happy Meal with apples and a juice box. I was able to get all the items on my shopping list without Hadley wanting to touch everything before it went into the basket, steal my list/pen, or grab unnecessary items and throw them into the cart. Another plus was she ate all 4 nuggets, half her apples, all the juice (+ the spare I packed) and a banana (the lady weighed it first while we were checking out, I didn't steal it). McDonald's might become our new Monday lunch date or shopping cart date.

I heard Hadley in her room and went to see what she was up to and she was reading her Bible story book.
The surprise Hadley had waiting for me when I went to get her after nap today.

A picture from one of my favorite parts of today. Two things: #1 Hadley did have a shirt on about 5 minutes earlier and when I saw her she had stripped down to just her skirt. #2 Hadley got up on this chair and was cycling through every word she knew very adamantly looking like she was reading from this small sheet of paper in her hands. I have an inkling she's not going to be in any way shy about sharing EXACTLY what she's feeling.

For dinner was homemade chicken lasagna, green beans and herb rolls. I would post the lasagna recipe, but I made it up and I still need to make a few changes before posting...this was my first attempt.

Come back tomorrow to check out what Hadley and I will be bakin' up. Here's a clue, it involves these three ingredients.

Thanks for checkin' in!
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  1. Addi LOVES McDonald's chicken nuggets more than life itself! She gets them RARELY, like when I need her to cooperate in a restaurant or something similar. Haha! Can't wait to see the recipe tommorow!

  2. Girl, I should have told you a long time ago that Ole McDonald will save your Walmart trip every time!! Those chicken nuggets are like gold sometimes!


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