Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just another day, Wednesday that is...

Andrew's mom (CeCe or Cecily) came in last night and headed out today to go to Austin to stay with his sister for a little while. Last night she watched Hadley while we went on a date and today we went shoppin! Hadley was in desperate need of PJ's that didn't come up to her knees or show her belly, so we took care of that. She also came bearing gifts...birthday gifts that is. My birthday is in November, but since I won't see her before then she brought my birthday present with her!!!
I LOVE my new slippers, thanks CeCe!!!
Hadley and I have decided just in the last couple weeks that we are going to make our Wednesdays "Go Eat With Daddy Day." The last couple times we have gone Subway has been the meal of choice, so I think we'll stick with that. Here are a few picture from our lunch with daddy and Cece today.
Hadley eating her sandwich like a big girl.

When we got home Hadley went straight to Jake's bed and sat down.
Our dinner tonight.
(Spicy Pasta with Sweet Potatoes & Bell Pepper Salad)
Hadley had Spaghetti-Os.
Our "after Hadley goes to bed" snack.
(Pumpkin Smoothie)
Now we're just chillaxin' watching my fave (NOT) Monsters Inside Me on Discovery Health, Andrew got to pick.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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