Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Earthquakes & Early Mornings...

As you know, from yesterday's post, Hadley spent her first night in her big girl bed. She went to bed really easy and stayed there ALL night!! Although it ended up being an early morning due to the fact that in a big girl bed the railing only goes halfway across the front of the bed. Well, Hadley found the half that didn't have railing around 4:30 this morning and rolled out of bed. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed... (Yes, you're right that was really cheesy.) Nap time did not go quite as smoothly, but I really think she's adjusting pretty well.Add Image
A picture from last night.
She LOVES her new bed!
I think Jake's starting to get a little jealous that he's never mentioned in any of the posts so I thought I would throw in this picture of him and his newly groomed self. Isn't he a stud?!?!
Andrew loving on his kiddos after walking in the door from school. (Jake'll be so excited he got 2 pics!)
Oh yeah and today I experienced my second earthquake and Hadley's first! (My first being in St. Louis when Audrey was born, 7.2 on the richter scale.) This morning Tulsa had, according to the officials, an earthquake measuring a 4.5, craziness. What really makes it crazy is I didn't even notice it and although the quake originated from Norman, the strongest point in Tulsa, was supposedly in downtown which really isn't that far from my house...huh?.?.? The airport is really close to our house as well, so I usually equate any shaking to a massive jet flying overhead. Another funny thing about this, when I got online to look up more information Tulsa Earthquake Insurance was already at the top of the google page, haha! (Maybe I shouldn't be laughing and should be filling out paperwork.)

Ummm yeah pretty sure I don't know what this means or how to read it but apparently this was our earthquake today.

Hope you enjoyed the excitement and randomness of today's blog. I also want to leave you with this sweet mommy/parent poem that was on one my friends blog, check it out.

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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  1. Janelle, love that I was tagged in your post. I keep up with all you on here and love that you update so often. Miss seeing you at ACH!


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