Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend (Friday)

So Friday Jolene and I took the girls to Silver Dollar City for the morning/afternoon. We had a blast and to our surprise it actually wasn't busy at all. Also, for those of you who know me and how easily I get car sick you'll be proud to hear I did NOT throw up on this Branson trip, HOORAY! (First one in a while.)

So first thing when we got there we got the girls measured to get their bracelets and see what rides they could go on. They were both in the same height bracket so they could ride all the same rides and some they could do all by themselves.

After getting measured the girls (and their mommas) road the little roller coaster. Hadley had a death grip on my arm at the beginning and by the end was yelling with her hands in the air, she's a natural.
After the roller coaster we headed to the frogs, which Hadley was able to do last year. The difference was last year she had to do it with me and this year it was just her and Audrey. I'm not gunna lie I was kinda freakin' out, but they had a blast and laughed the whole time.

Then the ladybugs.
No parents are aloud on this one so Hadley wasn't able to ride it last year. Audrey lead the way to get in and showed her the ropes.

Another classic is the butterflies. Again, this was Hadley's first time to ride it without Andrew or myself, sniff.

As it was most places in the country, Silver Dollar City was blazing! So we took a quick snack/frozen lemonade break then headed to the splash pad at Geyser Gulch.

Even after the lemonade and splash pad the girls were still hot so we headed over to The Lost River. (Yes, believe it or not Hadley is now big enough for that ride too.)
Added Bonus:
There wasn't a line when we got done the first time around, so we went through again for another quick cool off.

After that we were all ready for some real food so we made a lunch stop. The girls had chicken rings and corn on the cob and Jo and I shared and amazing pulled pork BBQ sandwich. I know the picture looks a little messy and gross but it was fabulous!

After lunch we went on one more wet ride, Tom & Huck's River Shoot Out, or something like that. Anyway everybody has a water gun on the boat and you try to shoot people that are walking around. Tricky part is if they can find them, they have guns too and can get you all wet, which they did. =)

Then, we decided that it would be a good time to start riding dry rides to prepare (dry us off) for the trip home so we headed to the carousel.

And what better way to dry yourself off than to spin in circles.
(Note how long Hadley looks in the big picture, crazy!)

After the swings we let the girls play for a bit at Half Dollar Hollar and then walked out to the car. Hadley didn't make it all the way there before she passed out.

Both girls took naps on the way home and were energized to play when we got back to Jo's house. We hung out there for a bit and then headed back out to eat some pizza with my family at Mimi & Pap-pa's house.

Finally, it was time to get ready for bed.
We let the girls stay up a little later to see their 2nd cousins Beth, Laura and Ben, but once they greeted them it was off to bed.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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