Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend (Sunday)

Sunday morning was church and we all went together. Nothing says family get together like taking up 3 rows at church on Sunday morning. =) After church we headed over to mom and dad's for lunch. My Uncle Keith made the most amazing ribs.

Apparently our family was thinking the same thing getting dressed.
(orange, stripes, or both)

As I said in an earlier post all you need to do is push Hadley in the swing and you can be instant friends. Well Sunday she got pushed by Beth and then got to swing in the hammock with both Uncle Willie and Audrey.

After lunch we headed over to Grandma & Pap-pap's for Laura & Ben's shower for their little girl. They got lots of goodies and we all got to enjoy some chocolate-chocolate cake.

Beth organized a really fun game too.
She handed out index cards with hints on them and then had a pile of different kinds of candy on the floor. Once everyone had their hint she gave the word and we all went searching for our corresponding candy.
*Mine was Twin Boys:Mike & Ike*

All the little girls, as well as Laura, got a candy necklace. Hadley ate all of hers and when she got done she kept hopping up in Laura's lap and eating all of hers as well.

After the shower fun the girls played and colored.
Probably the most entertaining thing was when Audrey and Hadley started to wrestle. I'm not sure where they got this idea or what brought it on, but it was so funny and they knew we were all laughing which kept them motivated to keep doing it.

One of my favorite things about getting together with family is that we have all harmony parts so guess what?
We broke out some old school hymnals and sang for about 30 minutes, LOVE!

After singing we all enjoyed some of the most mouth-watering creamy goodness peach ice cream EVER that my Uncle Kevin had made the day before.

Then it was back to Jolene & Ryan's for some chit-chat and American Idol Finale clips.
(I don't know that I've mentioned this in any of the earlier posts but my family has not seen Ben and Laura since they got married, 11 years ago!! This was such a great weekend of catching up!)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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