Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gingerbreads and Dress Up

I really want to start this post with how grateful I am for all the messages I received the other day.  It took a lot for me to share that and now I wonder why I didn't do it months ago.  I can feel your prayers working and it is amazing how much more at peace I feel already.  THANK YOU!
Most mornings now we start the day with dress-up. 
Yesterday it was Princess Tiana.

These beautiful flowers arrived from some dear friends of ours.
Thank you, Robins Family!

Discovered these little yummies on our run for eggs at Target.

When we got home from our quick errand Hadley was a bit chilly so she bundled up in her robe with Raja.

 A belated Tuesday baking activity.
Giant Gingerbread Cookie

My little helper with her Christmas apron and snowman spatula.

Ha, this smile wasn't forced... at all.

Mixing up all our goodies.

Decorating was pretty fun too.

 Andrew, looking like he's up to no good, offered to help with the eating process.

Yes, my husband is a giant goober, but I love it!

"Not my gumdrop buttons!"

After indulging in some sweets we headed to church.  I'm so excited about this quarter because we have a singing class on Wednesday nights. We're not just singing but also looking at the origins of the songs we are singing.  This was the first night but I'm looking forward to all of those to come.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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