Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Oh Bring Us A Figgy Pudding"

Last night I had a pretty serious to do list.  I was up till around 2:30am, ugh.  
This was due mostly to the figgy pudding I decided to make around 9:30pm. (The figs had to soak in hot water for 2 hrs then it had to bake for 2 hrs.)

I also wrapped the rest of the presents.

I made a pecan pie for today's dinner we (SAA) brought to the students for finals.
I got the recipe here.

As I said earlier I made a figgy pudding, which was for anyone, and it turned out pretty tasty too.
I got the recipe here.

Hadley was a mess today.  She found some leftover deco mesh and decided to dress up.  She looked over at me and said, 
"Mommy look, I Spiderman!"
Not really sure.

When Andrew got home I was in desperate need of laundry folding time so the two of them played Candy Land.

This was Hadley's FIRST EVER board game!  
Oh and she beat Andrew every time, haha!  He kept reminding me, "Its all in the luck of the draw."
But what else can you say when you lose 3 times to a 2 year old?

After a bit of folding I headed out to get my spray tan for the Ball tomorrow night.  While I was checking in the girl talked me into doing the level 2.  =/
So far so good, but we'll see how it looks when I wake up. 
Don't worry Cheryll I'll post a picture soon. =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. I can't wait till Lola understands board games and especially Candy Land!!! I love that game!!!


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