Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Norman Christmas 2011

Well I got my days confused in my last post (but corrected them).  We spent Sunday-Thursday with Andrew's family.  When we arrived Sunday we brought a game with us and introduced it to Andrew's parents that night.
Sequence anyone?!
Monday Andrew had lunch with his brother and dad and we spent the rest of the day hanging out and doing a bit of shopping.  Tuesday I talked about in my last post and Wednesday morning we had our playdate, which I also mentioned in the past post.  Wednesday afternoon/evening however was dedicated to The Norman Christmas.

It wouldn't be complete without breakfast for dinner, aka brinner.  The boys and Tamra fixing the sausage gravy.  We also had biscuits, fruit, cheese grits, egg casserole and Cece's famous cinnamon rolls.

Cece's beautiful table set up.

Hadley's ready!

The kiddos getting anxious for gifts after eating their dinner.

Every year before opening gifts someone reads the Christmas Story out of the Bible.
It was Andrew's year.


Trey got a new bike from Cece & PJ.

Addy got a new doll and swing.  Meet Noodle, Addy's new baby.  =)  She also got an Aurora doll from Hadley but it looks as though Hadley's confiscated it.

Hadley got a Minnie doll that she can zip, tie, button, buckle and velcro.

She also got a game for her LeapPad and a new rain jacket.

Trey got some Transformers or maybe they were for Andrew.

Trey also got one of those string things. Again Andrew took over and showed Trey Jacob's Ladder.

It was a great Christmas!!

 The girls took turns pushing each other on Trey's bike.

Jake pouting because I guess he expected more than treats.

Granddaddy Bob and two of his great-granddaughters.

All the kiddos with Granddaddy Bob and Carol.

*Piano Time*

Yes my husband and brother-in-law are this awesome, haha!!

Still working on Jacob's Ladder.

J.O. got it and was super pumped.

As I said earlier it was a great Christmas we are so blessed to be a part of such wonderful families.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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