Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Ball 2011

Last night was OSU-COM's annual Holiday Ball.  I can honestly say I have been looking forward to this all year.  I love getting all fancied up and I love seeing everyone else all fancied up too!
Before heading out.

While I was getting ready Hadley came in and said, "Mommy you're a princess!" To which she asked to get dressed up like a princess too.  

Before we headed to the ball we stopped at the Relic's house for some appetizers.
Jessica and Micah both looked stunning!!

Me with our pre-ball hostess.

 Me and Jessica

Micah and her sweet sister Macee.

The view from The Summit Club.

(Note: my camera gave everyone crazy eyes.)

Some of my gorgeous SAA girls.

Sweet Haley is just a few days from her wedding and took some well deserved time out from planning to come too.  She looked beautiful, can't wait to see her in her gown!!! 

Some of Andrew's med school buddies, Tiffany and Jay Bea.

My med school support squad!

Tried to get another SAA picture.
From left: Apryl, Jessica, Amanda, Me, Chanel (+baby girl), Bekah (+Huck), & Airika

SAA PhotoBooth picture!
I missed the memo on a couple of the "serious" pictures, ha.

Bathroom picture, yes we are in junior high, haha!

The Robins

The Lees

The Boys

Our fine arm candy for the evening!

Me and Jessica

Andrew and I patiently waiting for our turn in the photo booth!
Worth the wait, haha!

Me and Airika

Me and Des at the end of the night.

It was such a fun night, can't wait till next year!!!

Thank you Cece and Pajee for watching our sweet girl for the night. 

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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