Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God In the Everyday

This afternoon we had a lunch date with our friends Emerson, Caroline and their momma, Erin at "Chick-a-flick."  After playing hard for a while they deserved a treat.
These girls love their ice cream!

Hadley pretending to sleep during our short trip to Target after lunch.

Andrew's school was on our way home, so Hadley and I decided to visit and bring him a drink from Sonic.  

Tonight we (parents of young kids) had a meeting with our wonderful children's minister about all the fun things happening at Park Plaza this summer for our kiddos.  
They provided dinner and had the tables set up all fun and summery.

Before heading to class we played around in the teacher supply room.  Incase they wonder what happened to all their "wiggly eyes" I have evidence of these three, haha.

Our classes right now have the men and women slit up.  I think its great because there are definitely things that speak straight to a woman's heart that wouldn't a man's and vise versa.  Tonight was the conclusion of this quarters lesson and it was great.

One of our elder's wives was teaching the class and she talked about the importance of leaving our legacy.  She encouraged us to journal about how we see God working in our EVERYday.  She also talked about there will be a time when we can share these journals with our children and grandchildren and help to instill that faith in them as well.

I don't keep a journal.... but I do have a blog.  =)
I thought, I do a pretty good job of blogging on a regular basis so maybe I will make it a resolution to look for and mention how God has shown himself in my daily, mundane life.  I think this is going to be a very uplifting resolution and I encourage you to join in.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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