Monday, May 14, 2012

Tinkerbell Party {Hadley's 3!}

 As I put in my last post, this weekend was Hadley's 3rd Birthday party.  We had lots of family in for the occasion and had a big shindig Saturday afternoon, fairy style.  =)
I'll be brief with my words as I have A LOT of pictures to share.

*Welcome to Pixie Hollow*

I also had a dress-up table for all the girls as they came in.  They had wings, wands, earrings, rings and treasure maps waiting for them.

Once they got in their fairy gear and got their maps it was time for the treasure hunt.  The map was marked with different treasures around the yard.  The kids had several possible places to hunt for treasure.
 Hadley and Ruby were the first to start the treasure hunt.

 Some of the girls fairies checking out their maps.

It was so much fun watching them hunt.

 The group, well most of them.

And what do you do for a boy cousin at a fairy party???
Make them a pirate, "ARGH!"

Some of Hadley's fairy guests.

Hadley Joy had a wing change.  =)

"Happy Birthday to you!"

The best part!!

Once Hadley started her cupcake everyone else went inside to start eating.
Please check out Jordan's face, ha.

Some of Hadley's grown-up friends that came.

While most of the other kids played, sweet Emerson was intently watching Hadley open her presents the whole time.

The last present Hadley opened was an armoire her Pap-pa built to hold all her dress-up clothes!

She loves the armoire and loves her Pap-pa!

Sweet Caroline!

I got a quick picture of Hadley and Emerson before she headed home, sweet friends.  =)

I'll update you on the rest of our weekend later!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Janelle!!!!!!!!! You did such an amazing job!!!! I'm so so so sad we couldn't be there to celebrate Hadley. :( I have a present for her! Hope we see y'all soon! Love you!

  2. JANELLE!!! I LOVED the party! You're amazing! Miss you so much...LOVE keeping up with yall on the blog and watching the Hadster grow up...can't believe it's been THREE YEARS!!! ; )

  3. You did such a good job! I love the pieces of tree that you used on the food table. Hadley sitting in her chair opening presents is adorable!


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