Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Few Days with Us

Hadley and I were pretty busy.  We had swim lessons, then went to the gym, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and back home to watch Jai.
We had a little lag period before Jai got there so Hadley worked on this puzzle.

Later, Jai and Hadley worked on a puzzle together while I got some cleaning done.

There was also a little dress up.
(Note: Jai requested the princess costume, I did not make him wear it.)
I should probably invest in some boy dress-up stuff.
 Jolene came in town that evening, sadly her GPS stinks so it was very late that evening.
Jolene also had her last day as a CPA on Monday so I picked up some treats to celebrate the occasion.

Jolene started her new job as a stay-at-home mommy, so we went to the zoo to celebrate that!  =)

All the elephants were inside.

Audrey found a cool little spot by the penguin exhibit to hide in.

The kids took a nap while Jolene and I talked about possibilities for Paige's room, who will be here in August.  When Andrew got home we ate dinner. Then, I took Jolene to BuyBuy Baby while Andrew watched the girls.  That place is amazing and so organized, LOVE!!

I straightened Audrey's hair for the day.  She looks so grown up with straight hair!

Once everyone was ready we went to Utica Square to shop a little bit.  I took Jolene to Pottery Barn Kids to look at some stuff for Miss Paige.

We got there a few minutes before they opened so the girls had fun talking to the "little girl" reading her book.

Once they opened we went in and were immediately overwhelmed with cuteness! While we looked around the kids found plenty of stuff to keep themselves entertained.

After finishing up in PBkids we stopped into Starbucks for some frappuccinos and cake pops.

After filling ourselves with sugar we decided that would be the perfect time for lunch, haha.
We drove through Panera and took it to Woodward Park for a picnic and playtime.
The girls found a fun (shaded) spot under a tree to play.

When we got home everyone napped (including myself!!).
Then Andrew got home and grilled some burgers and we headed to church.

Everyone left this morning (early). =(
 I went ahead and took Hadley to MDO and got a lot of errands and chores done this afternoon.
Including my bushes:
This was quite a workout as it was 93* today and we don't have a power trimmer, so I had the old school hedge trimmers (aka big scissors).

Andrew had a basketball game at 6 so we all went together.  It was a little cold in the building so Hadley and I played outside until the game started.
They lost but playoffs are next week so maybe they'll cause a serious upset!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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