Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Past Few Days

Monday night we brought some friends from church dinner to help out with the arrival of their sweet baby girl, Layla.  After dropping off their dinner we grabbed a quick bite at "Chick-a-flick."

They had the cutest idea for family activities for the summer on their kids meal bag.  (Write activities on  clothes pins and clip them to a bucket and you can choose them throughout the summer.)
I also got to try their new chocolate chip cookies.  They're delicious and they serve them warm, added bonus.

Tuesday evening we brought dinner to some other friends who just had a baby boy, Huck, whom I got to snuggle for a little bit too.  Aren't those cheeks the cutest?!

Today while perusing Gordman's Hadley relaxed in one of the kid recliners, ha.

We had our snack outside this afternoon.

And did pedicures.

When Andrew got home we went for a family jog. (Week 5, Day 2) It kicked my booty beacuse: 1- I haven't ran since last week =/  and 2- The 25 MPH winds were killer.  =(

When we got back Hadley delivered some Thank You cards to our sweet neighbors who brought her a present for her birthday.  Sadly neither were home so we found a good spot in the door to leave them.

After playing mail man we brought a picnic to Woodward Park.  It was still pretty windy and Andrew had to chase down a couple things that broke free in a big gust, but it was a perfect date.

Andrew also shared some bread with one of the fury friends we met.

After Hadley had finished she played in the dirt and chased the squirrels.  At one point her and one of the squirrels were actually playing, it was pretty entertaining.  As it would happen as soon as I broke out the video Hadley is over it and runs off.  =(

Tomorrow I have an appointment for Shot #5.  The count down to #6 (the last one) has officially begun. T minus 28 days!!  
The beginning of these shots was a hard pill for me to swallow, but now that I'm starting month 5 I can look back and know it has been so good for us.  We have had 4 months of no disappointments (because we know we can't get pregnant right now) and it has been such a bonding time for our family without all of the stress of "are we?".  I know God has a plan for us and our family and I can look at these past few months and be grateful for this time we had worry free.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Quite a few things, so I'll make it easy and number it out ;)

    1. Love chick fil a. One just opened here and I'm actually glad it's on the other side of town.... I'd spend way too much money eating out if it were closer!

    2. That little boy is adorable!

    3. Hadley's sweet little ponytail is killing me! She is getting so big!
    4. Is that squirrel really eating that French fry?! Hilarious!
    5. So glad you only have one shot left!


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