Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Searcy Town

Friday, we headed straight to Searcy after leaving Rogers because Andrew was in a wedding.  Andrew went to the rehearsal that evening, while Hads and I swam, did dinner and dessert with Cece and Pajee, then called it a relatively early night.

Saturday was a busy day.  We met the Eichhorn's for lunch at Brick Oven Pizza.
The girls had a blast playing with Lalas and making up songs.

Hads spent the rest of the afternoon with them swimming while I headed to the wedding.
Congrats to Marcus and Kayla!!

After the wedding, and picking up Hads, we headed back to Cece and Pajee's for some family grilling time with  J and T and their kiddos.  The kids enjoyed lots of pool time while J grilled and T and I cuddled on little B, their new foster baby.  
Andrew got to play doctor with his dad and gave him some stitches in his leg at the ER he used to work at. (The world is your classroom, ha.)  According to Pajee he did a pretty good job.  And he got his own little stitches kit to take home.   

Sunday, we went to church and had a delicious lunch at Doc's Grill (haven't been there in FOREVER).

After lunch I met with one of my dear friends Heather for a while.  Of all the pictures I take, I feel like I always miss the opportunity when we get together. =/  Loved getting to catch up!!

I headed back to Cece and Pajee's where they had agreed to watch The Hads for the rest of the evening.
Andrew and I got a "just the two of us" date, the first in several months.  I just love getting to hang out with this guy!

We had dinner at Big Orange and oh my stars!
  I've been before and remember it well.  I also talked it up to Andrew, it was another delicious meal in the books.
I got the White Truffle and Pecorino Burger, we shared a side of their white truffle garlic herb fries and then topped it off with a Lemon Ice Box shake for dessert!!  I left stuffed and happy!
Then, we got crazy and decided to go to a late movie.  Although I was tired, I would have stayed awake for another 2.5 hours to watch Superman all over again.

As of yesterday evening we are back in Tulsa and loving it.  If you want to see us come on over.  We've done Dallas, Rogers and Searcy all in a little over a week and I'm tired of traveling.'re more than welcome to visit us, but I'm staying put for a while.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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