Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Be Jammin'

Last Thursday we took Hads to see the newest kiddo movie, Turbo!  We haven't had cable for a while but she remembered seeing the previews on another movie we saw and has been so excited to go see it.

Saturday evening we ventured out to Brookside to dinner at one of our favorites, Hibiscus.
I never knew how much I loved Jamaican food.  I think I may need to start cooking more Jamaican.
Hibiscus fries, herb macaroni, jerk chicken

After Hads went to bed I was cleaning out the front closet and found a pack of glow bracelets. Andrew and I had fun playing with them and also played a game of Sequence by glow light, ha.

Sunday, we headed to Rogers after church.  We hit up 'Friends and Family' Weekend at Cabela's.

Monday in Silver Dollar City!!

My Grandma Hammond, loves her some coasters!!!  She doesn't let the fact that she's 83 stop her.

2 trips down the Lost River and 1 trip around Tom and Huck's River Blast.
I think they're pretty good and wet!

Tuesday, Hadley woke up a little early.  We had breakfast, she played in her room and then she helped Pap-pa harvest some of the veggies out of the garden.

Later that morning we went to the Aquatic Center and literally spent most of the day there.  
Lots of sun. Lots of fun!

That evening I got to catch up over dinner with my bestie, while Hads spent the evening with Mimi and Pap-pa.

Wednesday, we did some Oliver shopping with Mimi, then headed home.
The storms from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning left a lot of damage in Tulsa.  Andrew's Med school actually had the roof blown off and there were around 93,000 people without power starting off the day.

This is what we had and our power was out for about 12 hours.  It could have been a lot worse. We're very thankful we only had a tree branch down.

Along with the branch I was also welcomed home with this top I ordered from The Copper Peacock.
Belly shot, HELLO!
(Note: I had just eaten dinner.)
While my energy level is still high I'm going to stay motivated on cleaning out Oliver's room.
His bed is currently Hadley's bed (it converts to a full size, Hadley is not still in a crib) and what will be Hadley's bed is still in the garage waiting to be painted.  That task won't be on my "to do' for today, but probably will be soon. *sigh*
I did find some bedding that I love.
Oh Pottery Barn....

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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