Sunday, August 4, 2013


*Hadley Joy Turns 3*
We got together for a small playdate with one of Hadley's sweet friends, Hadley Joy, to help her celebrate her birthday.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Monsters Inc. style!



*Little Cuties*

*Micah Turns 2&*
One of Andrew's fellow class mates, that we've grown close to over the last 3 years, celebrated her birthday on Friday at Mi Cocina.  So glad we were able to make it!
Hadley and Aaron were buddies during dinner.

The birthday girl blowing out her candles (or candle)!!  

The group and yes Hadley's making a silly face. *sigh*
Such a fun night!  Thanks for including us in your special day Micah!!

*7th Anniversary Getaway* 
After celebrating their 38th anniversary, Mimi and Pap-pa came in to watch Hads for the night while we had a night away.

We can't miss an opportunity to visit Tally's when they're in town, so we had breakfast there before heading out.


On the road to OKC!!!

We've gone to OKC the last 3 years for our anniversary weekend and every year we have stayed at the Colcord.  I cannot express how much I love this hotel.  It's a much older hotel, built in 1910, and was actually the first sky scraper in OKC at 12 stories. While the rooms have all been updated several of the original pieces still remain, like the nickel letterboxes and elevator doors in the lobby.  LOVE!

Since we tried braving the outlet mall, not knowing it was tax free weekend, we were quite tired.  We took a good hour to relax and not move and then got ready for our night out.
Isn't he a cutie?!

We know what we like so 3 of our 7 anniversaries have been spent at The Melting Pot for dinner.  They can do up an anniversary dinner like nobody's business.

After successfully stuffing ourselves to the limit we set off for a movie.  Wolverine was at the top of Andrew's list and I never complain about anything involving Hugh Jackman. ;)

We strolled back to our hotel and by the time we got there I was famished.  We had already passed most quick places to eat a few blocks back and I wasn't planning to make another trek.  At that point I fell even more in love with the Colcord because their room service went till 11pm. We settled into our room and I checked out the menu.  This is the life...

The next morning we checked out of our hotel and into a delicious breakfast establishment.

Waiting for our table at Kitchen No. 324.

Hot tea with honey, Mmmm....

Everything they serve is organic and farm fresh and I'll attest that my meal was DELICIOUS.  I went with: (as seen above) hot tea with honey, oatmeal (served with raisins, brown sugar and milk) and we shared a "handcrafted" blueberry cake donut.  I mean when a place handcrafts donuts you can't leave without trying them.

We, like the night before, left stuffed and satisfied and hit the road home.

It was a wonderful night away and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you Mimi & Pap-pa for the treat!

I will also note that while we were gone Mimi and Pap-pa spoiled Miss Hadley to the core.  She went to see Smurfs 2, then to Target to get a Smurf toy and the original Smurf movie.  She also got a new Lala to add to her collection.

It's back to reality, but we do have another fun thing to celebrate for this week...
Another ultrasound of our sweet boy!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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