Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Update: Cece and Pajee Style

Our Cece and Pajee Weekend Rundown...

They came by the house and delivered one of Carol's delicious rum cakes!!

Then we headed to breakfast at Tally's. 
Please excuse the pancakes hanging out of my child's mouth.

After a quick snooze on the couch, for some, we went
Hadley really wanted to wear the dress Cece got her in Africa.

After we got back from bowling Pajee took us out to celebrate Andrew passing his Step #2 boards at Mahogany, while Cece took Hadley to the hotel to play in their indoor water park.
These aren't the best pictures, but it was fantastic.

After dinner we took Pajee back to the hotel and Hadley decided she was going to stay there with them for the night.  But not until Cece spoiled her with some Cherry Berry before bed.

Hadley started her day with a birthday party for Miss Tatum!!!
Such a cute party and cute little girls!!

Afterwards we came home for some playtime with Cece and Pajee.

Sidewalk Chalk


 Then, we were off to another birthday party for Miss Addison.

Even daddy got out there!
Hadley thought daddy needed some assistance so she grabbed him one of these.
Hadley & the Birthday Girl!
Hadley cannot stop talking about going roller skating again!

 We lucked out and Cece & Pajee took Hads for another night at the hotel, full of swimming and yet again... Cherry Berry.

We had dinner, then realized we didn't have the energy for a movie unless it was on our couch and in our PJs, so that's what we did.

We started the morning with breakfast at La Madeleine and church.
Then, we took Cece to Big Splash.

I believe we're all thoroughly worn out, especially Hadley.  
An early bedtime for us all is in order.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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