Friday, August 9, 2013

Life As We Know It.

Monday was a fun day.  Hadley and I did our Wal-Mart run (a blast as usual) and she did it in an outfit picked by the one and only.  She was very proud of her ensemble.

When we got home it looked like the mail man had thrown up zulily and any other packages on our doorstep. 
Oliver got some new outfits for next summer.

Hadley has a shirt for her first day of pre-K.

And this adorable number I got from Paterbeans & Boo, came in.  LOVE!!!

We spent the afternoon trying to stay as cool as possible.  Hadley spent her time in the water, while I spent my time sipping water.  (P.S.- I'm still loving the infusion water bottle Andrew got me!!)
Tuesday, we got to check in on our little nugget and I just can't get over his cuteness already.  Granted he's still pretty skinny, but once he starts packing on the fat... Oh My Stars!!! 

They say boys will eat you out of house and home, but this girl has been eating roughly 5 meals a day.  This nutella and banana sandwich was her 'snack' on Wednesday.  While she kept telling me she didn't like it, she ate the entire thing.

When Andrew got home we made a trip to the park.  Hadley loves any excuse to ride her Cinderella bike and deck out in all of her Lalaloopsy riding gear.

Andrew's been running just about every evening when he gets home and Hadley has been asking to go with him.  The past couple days he's done a little extra run with Hadley and I love just watching them.

This is Andrew's last month at home as September he'll be in Texas and then in Ohio for October.  So far when he's been gone on a rotation we've been able to see him on weekends, but that's not really going to happen these 2 months, it's gunna be a long one.
He's gone again in November but only to Norman, so we'll get to see him a little more often.  When he gets done with all his away rotations we'll only have a little over a month before little man gets here. CRAZY!! 

Soaking up our time and trying to get as much done in this month as possible.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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