Tuesday, August 20, 2013

N-E-S-T-I-N-G... Nesting

It's crazy how my energy level went from complete exhaustion to full time clean out/nesting/project mode in like a week's time.

Here's a few things we've been busy with, just for fun.
A movie date with our sweet girl!!

We got to watch Hadley Joy, while her parents got a belated anniversary date.
Rowing to save toys at Sunny Side.
Coloring Incognito

I pulled out some of Hadley's ultrasounds and compared them to Oliver's.  It's funny how the ultrasound caught them in very similar poses.
(Hadley is 6 weeks farther than Oliver in all of these. She's a little more filled out than he is.)
Big Splash Trip!
Now that school had started in Tulsa, they're only open on weekends, so we're trying to get our fill.

Sunday night kid devotional with one of our awesome community group leaders.  Thank you Marcus!!

One SUPER fun thing I got to do this past week was book our next Disney trip.  Not just for us, but for Andrew's side of the family.  We're bringing 8 adults and 6 kids, AHH!!!  This is Hadley's 3rd trip but the first time we're waiting to tell her until we leave.  We're actually flying this year so our plan is to do it either at the airport or before we leave.

That being said, I've started buying some outfits. 
(We're going in April, so hopefully the weather will be perfect, not too hot, not too cold.)
I'm going to try and hold off for now and wait to little Ollie gets here and get them a couple matching sets. (He'll be 3 months when we go.)  AHHH, I love Disney!!!

So, I've also been working on lots of projects.  Some are bigger than others but most of them needed to be done and I'm all too eager to do them.

I made some decor for a baby shower I'm helping out with.

We took Hadley's bed down and converted it back to a crib.
For those of you concerned at how early I'm setting up his room...
Note: My husband is about to be MIA from about September 1st-October 27th and then gone off and on for the month of November.  I have no intention on assembling all of the big stuff on my own, hints why I'm doing it now while he's still here.
Part of why we took it down was to finally motivate me to finish the bed the goes with the rest of Hadley's current furniture in her room.  I did her dresser and vanity last year and have said every month since that I was going to do her bed. 
Here's how her dresser and vanity turned out.

Now that her mattresses are sitting on the floor (which she thinks is awesome) I'm officially motivated.

The bottom pic is actually of the backside of the footboard.  The front was already finished.
Coming Soon!!

I picked out some fabric that will go with the bedding I'm wanting and made some art for his wall.
I still have a few things to add to them, but it feels good to have something on the wall.

I'm also in MAJOR clean out mode.  We have gone through closets and the garage and thrown a lot away and donated a lot as well.

I also went through SEVERAL boxes of all of Hadley's clothes from birth-current trying to condense. It came at a good time too because I was also going through Hadley's closet for the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale we were having here in Tulsa.
All the little boxes consolidated to the big purple box.
With all the clean out, Little Man finally has drawer and closet space, HOORAY! 

I've also finally started painting the little table that's in Hadley's playroom.

Also coming soon!!

Hopefully I'll have those after pictures for you in the next couple days.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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