Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bump Date: 27 Weeks

How far along:
27 weeks

Size of baby:
Head of Cauliflower
(about 14 1/2 inches)

Maternity Clothes:
I've got a few normal dresses and stretchy pants I can wear, but the rest are maternity.

It's a BOY!!! 

Baby Boy's Name:
Oliver Gammill
Oliver- after my Great Grandmother Olive / Gammill (like camel with a 'G')- Andrew's mom's maiden name, as well as Andrew's middle name

Little man is very active these days and I love it.  He is pretty strong and makes his punches and kicks well known. 
*Favorite Bouncy Spot: my bladder
*Favorite Bounce Time: evening (5ish), bedtime.
A cool 4D video we got of him kicking today.

Bathroom breaks are at about 2 a night and I'm pretty much a side sleeper now.  I may wake up on partial belly, but he's sure to let me know when he's uncomfortable.
Pillow between the legs is officially a must.

What I miss:
Sometimes I just want to lay on my tummy. Not really gunna happen.

Cravings: Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal (Mmmm...), Auntie Anne's Almond Pretzels with Carmel, pumpkin/squash anything, bean burritos (1st trimester craving is back)
Aversions: fish still doesn't sound good on any level, I especially don't want to smell it

Other Symptoms:
1- HELLO lip plumper!  I couldn't tell if it was just me or really something, but I asked Andrew when he got home last Friday if my lips looked more full.  He started laughing and said, "I was actually going to ask if you had been using something, because they do look bigger."
He now refers to them as Anjelina Jolie lips.
2- I've had some 1st trimester cravings and symptoms come back.  One of which is being tired.  Hopefully it will go away long enough for me to get everything ready for him.

Big moment this week:
This is my last week in my second trimester, craziness!
Also, since we were sure Andrew would miss the rest of our appointments we wanted him to get to see Oliver again.  I made an appointment at Stork Vision for us to have a 3D/4D session. I'm going to go mom crazy and post a lot of pictures now. =)
He's got some lips.
His face kills me in this one.
Little smirk. 
Big yawns!
It's amazing what you can see with sound waves these days.
Little man is currently head down with his feet in my right rib cage.  Hopefully he doesn't have plans to go anywhere soon. (Although, I would be fine with him coming sooner than his sister did at 41 weeks.)

Till next time. =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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