Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Than A Blessing

I don't even know if my title makes since but that's how I feel.
With every doctor's appointment I find out how much more of a blessing our little Hadley really is.
8 months, Cindy Isom Photography
 We cannot know 100% but it appears I've had this problem since before getting pregnant with her and it amazes me we ever did get pregnant.  Its hard to even think of it without my eyes filling with tears.
Arrival: May 7, 2009
All the difficult times we've gone through for the past 18 months would have been so much harder without her.
1st Halloween
God knew these trials were going to be here and I know that's why He gave her to us.  Looking at her gives me peace in knowing that God has a plan for us and our family.
Mt. Magazine, March 2010
He's giving me strength with every smile and hug from this sweet girl!
1st Easter
He's reminding me with every birthday and everyday that I am so BLESSED.
1st Birthday

He's telling me with every quirky face and silly comment that MY life really is GREAT!
Silly girl!
God has a way of getting His message to us and His message to me is no doubt through my sweet Hadley.
18 months
I couldn't have thought of a better way for Him to tell us, He is here and He's going to get us through this, than Miss Hadley.
23 months

 My blessing, my strength, my everything, my Hadley!
My Blessing! 
I had a new follower, Heather, contact me a couple days ago with her story of battling mesothelioma.  She was diagnosed when her little girl was 3 1/2 months and is using her story to help others going through struggles like hers.  Although our particular diagnosis are different we all have things going on in our life that seem so overwhelming but its amazing how just sharing our struggles can help others.

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  1. Janelle,

    I had tears welling up in my eyes as I read your recent blog posts. You are such a great mommy to Hadley. She is so precious!! I can't get over how much she seems to have gone lately. I can totally empathize with you as I have gone through something similar to what you are going through. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Love & prayers,
    Meredith Boutell

  2. Janelle! This post made me cry! Hadley IS such a blessing and you are such a great mom. Love you both!

  3. Beautiful post and such a great reminder! After going through IVF for our son not a day goes by that we aren't SOOO thankful for him and feel so blessed that the Lord gave us him.

  4. Such a beautiful post, Janelle! She is such a sweet little girl, but just like I said on your last post (before reading this one :) ), you are a wonderful mommy, so there is no doubt she would be!

    Oh, and I love that the picture you have of her on her "birth"day looks EXACTLY like her!


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