Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon being one of my friends' personal shoppers.  I love shopping and I love it even more (and so does Andrew) when I'm helping someone else spend their money and not my own.  I did find a great bargain for myself that I will show later in the post.

After shopping I picked up Hadley and we came home to set up the bird house she made at school a couple weeks ago.  We felt the need because when we got home there were birds everywhere so why not, right.

Hadley and the dogs bird watching.

I spent most of the day running errands and since Hadley didn't have MDO she did them with me.  Hadley did a great job but I still got very overwhelmed.  (These shots are killing my productivity.)   I called Andrew in a moment of desperation, which was shortly interrupted by a knock at the door and a lady asking me to sign for these bad boys...
Andrew had ordered these and they couldn't have arrived at better time.  Bless HIM!! 

We had our Valentine Playgroup Party at our house.  When I got up and went to the bathroom Andrew had yet ANOTHER surprise for both me and Hadley.
Hadley got a note and a chocolate rose and I got a note and a box of chocolates.  Seriously?!  This guy is scoring some serious V-day points.  =)

Before playgroup I had Hadley model her new Valentine's shirt from Ashley.  
She's such a ham.

The table spread.

The Lee kiddos got everyone little goodie bags, Hadley loved hers.

That afternoon we watched Jai and Miss Aubrey while their momma had an errand to run.

That evening we had an SAA meeting.  Amanda and Apryl worked hard on the beautiful set-up.

We had the national president, Sherri Martin, come and speak with us.  It was a great meeting.

Hadley and I met a girlfriend and her little girl at the mall for lunch and while we were there we went to check out Forever21's accessories.  Hadley had a blast trying stuff on too. =)

Friday night was our SAA Valentine's Dinner.  We had a great turn out and although we would have all wished for more food it was delicious.
Andrew and I got a car picture while stopped at one of the l-o-n-g-e-s-t stoplights ever.

My lifelines.  =)
(P.S.- This was my bargain.  I got this Lauren Conrad jumper that was originally $72 for $14!!!)

HAHA, I love them!

Our table for the evening.

The whole SAA group.

Today my parents came into town to pick up Ellie.  We had a late breakfast at Tally's then Mom and I spent the rest of the day planning out Hadley's outfits for Disney World.  I know its not till June but I get excited.  Oh, have I mentioned that this Disney trip is my whole family.  Its going to be great!
Before Mom and Dad headed back they gave Hadley her Valentine's gift.
This girl loves some Strawberry Shortcake.  And honestly, I love it that she loves it.  I wish there were more friends like Strawberry out there, she really is the berry best friend.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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