Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update!

Once Hadley and I got up and going we went to the bathroom to notice Andrew had left us a surprise before he headed to school.  We each got a balloon, a note and a valentine cupcake.
Isn't he just the best?!

A lot of us med school mommas have been desperate this week so I sent out an S.O.S. playgroup.  We had a pretty good turn out considering I had just sent out the invite the day before.

Hadley Joy and Scout having a moment at the Sit-n-Spin.

I've been meaning to post a picture of this and I was reminded after bathtime Friday night.  My Aunt Lea Anne got Hadley this adorable purple giraffe towel with her name on the back for Christmas.
Thank you Aunt Lea Anne she LOVES it!!!

Hadley and I had a little photo booth session after getting her hair dried.  I just love this girl!

I had a girls day with some sweet friends of mine who have moved away in the last year.  We got pedicures, went to lunch and did a bit of shopping.  I miss you Holly and Meredith and I had so much fun!

When I got home Andrew had this sweet note with conversation hearts and a teddy bear waiting for me on the table.  

After Hadley went to bed I gave into Andrew's years of peer pressure and finally satisfied him in playing a game on PS3.  I'm a nintendo girl through and through because I only need to push/know, MAX, 4 buttons.  When you pick up a PS3 controller there's like 25 buttons, possible over exaggeration,  nevertheless its overwhelming.  After we got done he told me I wasn't too bad.  Little did he know my fingers were cramping and I was only moments from a nervous breakdown thinking zombies were really going to crawl after me.  

We went to church then lunch, lounged around the house then realized what time it was and rushed to our church Super Bowl Party, which I took no pictures at, sorry.  It was so much fun and so much craziness at the same time.  There are so many kids in our Bible class that when we all get together it can get wild.  I love it though!!  
I made this Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread that I found on pinterest. It was a hit.

Today was our Wal-Mart day so we did that and dropped off a little something to a friend of mine for her birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIRIKA!
Hadley, once getting home, quickly stripped down and picked a character. Generally when Hadley has chosen her dress-up outfit for the day/moment, she reminds you that she is not Hadley she is, in this case, "Jessie."

After I finished unloading groceries Hadley Jessie, Jake and I all went for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped by the park.  
This girl is a mess!

I posted my first giveaway today too, you should check it out! 

Meet Ellie:
We picked her up this evening, she's a 2 y/o King Charles Spaniel and she is my mom and dad's new puppy.  A girlfriend of mine was trying to find her a good home and my mom has been wanting one FOREVER.  She's a sweetie and I'm pretty sure Hadley has already forgotten about Jake.

Tonight's Dinner:
Chicken Chipotle Lime Fajitas
 (This was the seasoning I mentioned last time but couldn't remember the name when I posted.)

Its been 4 days since my first shot and I'm pretty sure I had my first hot flash today.  How do I know?  You may ask.  Well, I was outside in 45* weather when all of the sudden I had this feeling come over my body that I was literally sweating from the inside out.  (Does that even make since?)  I also mentioned to Andrew I thought I was being a little moody to which he gave me "the look."  I guess its more than a "little."  =/  Hopefully this is more of an initiation phase, than an entire 6 month phase.

Thanks for checkin' in!! 
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  1. I always look at those seasonings and wonder if they are any good. I'll have to pick up the one you used. One of the meds that I was on gave me hot flashes. It totally feels like you are on fire, but only on the inside of your body. Crazy.

  2. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  3. Okay, how sweet is your hubby?! I love all of the sweet things he did for y'all! And I LOVE that she picks a character! SO CUTE. When my brother was little he decided that he wasn't Grant anymore...he was "neighbor boy" and would spend hours coming in and out of the back door and we would have to say, "Hi neighbor boy" and act like he was our neighbor over and over again! I love little kids :-)


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