Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend Update {Addy's 3}

We started the day with a doctor's visit for Hadley's cough, which turned out to be just from sinus stuff. 
 We drove to Searcy later that afternoon and spent the night with Cece and Pajee.

We headed to J.O. and Tamra's to start getting things ready for the big day.  When J.O. got home we all headed to dinner where the kids were quite the hoot.

Some quality cousin time.

I think everything turned out really cute and everyone seemed to have a great time.  I was able to take a few pictures, but one of Tamra's good friends, Amy Aukes, also took some professional ones you should check out.

Birthday girl!

Hadley enjoying herself.

Tamra had the cutest craft for all the kids.  They got to make owls to take home.


The present zone pre destruction.

Everyone had fun playing with all the new toys.

After most of the guests left the kids played one of Addy's new games, Headbanz.

Later in the afternoon we took a trip to the park down the road.

My big girl swinging all by herself.  Look at her pumping those legs.
WOOHOO Hadley!!

After the park we headed to dinner with Josh, Ashley and Addi for another birthday. 

Happy Birthday Carson!!

Ha, I think Nichole was enjoying the candle.  =)

Nichole also made our DELICIOUS dessert!

Hadley enjoying a Chocolate Mess with Jeanette.

Hadley and Addi with Emma.

Hadley and I before heading to bed Saturday night.  =)  We had a sleepover in Trey's bed while we were at J.O. and Tamra's.

We went to church with the fam, lunch and then headed back for more Cece and Pajee time before we headed back to T Town.

We had a lazy morning then headed back home and crashed.

It was quite a weekend and we are exhausted.
SO glad to be home!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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