Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Update {Dresser Reveal}

I finished my project!!!

Grandmother's dresser + Valspar: Purpling Dawn & Glass Handles

I also found this cute contact paper for the inside of the drawers, added bonus!

Besides the project we were SUPER lazy!!

 Hadley's afternoon snack was Nutella and animal crackers.

These are just some funny Hadley face pictures.

For dinner, Andrew grilled some delicious chicken and we had a side of green beans.

This morning we got up and went to church.  (Hooray for being on time, maybe even early!)
When we got home I let Hadley open this 100 piece puzzle I had gotten at Dollar Tree. (I love Dollar Tree by the way.)  She totally rocked it!!
I was given strict instructions that I was only to work on the outside border.  I tried helping with the inside but got in big trouble.  =)
She's a ROCKSTAR!!! 

I also did some serious reorganizing today.

Besides the sense of accomplishment, there is another thing I absolutely LOVE about finishing a project and that is my house getting back in order.
My kitchen turned into this the last night of my project.

Now its back to mostly looking like this...

When Hadley moved into a full size bed we took the mattress out of the guest room and never put a bed back in there.  Overtime it just became a storage unit.  Some of you who have been to my house might not have known this room existed because you were never aloud in it.  =)
Well, I worked hard on the guest bedroom today.  Let me say that when the "before" picture was taken I had emptied out all of the drawers for the dresser and vanity.  This was also the night I was organizing the closet so it was in ULTRA bad shape.  Infact, I'm VERY embarrassed with this picture.  =/

2 weeks ago it looked like this, AGH!!!!

It now looks like this...
(A work in progress.)

I also did some rearranging in Hadley's room.
Where Hadley's bedroom used to look like this...

It now looks like this...
(Note: I have the bed that goes with the furniture.  I'm just going to take a break before starting on it.)

Projects are on hold until after Hadley's birthday.  Maybe even farther off than that...I'm tired.
Well, my sister is coming in town tomorrow (can't wait!) and I've got a to do list, so I better get!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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