Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of School & 1st Day of Dance

Andrew had to go to work on Labor Day but Hadley and I tried to enjoy our holiday.  I made chocolate chip pancakes to start the morning off right.  =)

Then Hadley got in her Big Splash gear!

This kid and her snorkel.

We had a great time enjoying our final day at Big Splash for this year.

We made our Walmart run afterwards and I tried my hand at the whole price matching thing.  Aldi's had some serious specials going on their produce so I tried and WON.  I got all the produce below (carton of strawberries, 2 lbs of grapes, 1 cantaloupe, carton of kiwi (5)) for $4.84.
I just got Aldi's ad for next week and I believe I'll be doing it again.  =)

One of Hadley and I's favorite things to do EVERY time we go to Walmart is to take a stroll down the candle aisle and smell them all.  While making our walk we stumbled on this...

Which then inspired a little fall decor. =) 

The first and second years start their first round of tests for the year this week so the SAA brought snacks up.  Hadley and I put a fruit tray together, when she wasn't eating it.

Tuesday morning Hadley started back to Mother's Day Out.  She's been talking about going back to school for the last few weeks so when I finally told her it was time she was elated.
Last year...

Jai got there at the same time so they got a few pictures together.

Jai was very much ready to be done with pictures at this point, ha.

Hadley literally frolicked down the hall waving, smiling and telling everyone good morning.

Pointing out her name on her basket.

And pretty much telling me to hit the road.  Too big!!

After drop-off I met some girls at Panera where we discussed this semester's Bible study.  And we decided on this...
I love Kay Arthur, I hope this turns out to be a great one!

I was able to get a lot of errands done while Hadley was at school and I had a special "1st Day of School Surprise" waiting for her when she got to the car.

We were able to run home for a short bit and then turned around to come up to the school so I could prepare for an SAA meeting and redo our bulletin board.

The meeting went really well and we had Maghin Abernathy from our local Intern Resident Advocate Association (IRAA) come and speak to us and she had lots of helpful information about what to expect in your intern year.  I can't wait till we're at the point!  *2 more years!*

Today was a big day, Hadley had her trial class for dance/gymnastics.  This class is great, it's 1 hour and they do so much: 15 minutes of tap, 15 minutes of ballet, and the last 30 minutes is gymnastics.

Please excuse the reflections on most of my pictures.  I was taking them through the class of the parent viewing area and some turned out worse than others.




Hadley, walking across the uneven bars.

She is in her element!

Hadley couldn't stop talking about how she got to flip over.

After class we went to get her sized for tap shoes!!  She tried them on when we got home and seriously tapped for almost 30 minutes straight.  =)

I can't believe we're almost through the first week of September.  It'll be October before we know it.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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