Monday, September 3, 2012

A Ballin' Weekend!


Detox Water
I drank the water (and coffee, seriously I would be a hot mess without my coffee) through out the day and that was it.  *Until the game that night.*  I woke up the next morning and felt good just a little tired.  The water was very refreshing, not sure how much detoxing went on, but I do feel good.

Since we had plans Friday night I got Hadley to take another nap. (I could get used to this.)

My craft while Hadley napped, yet another pinterest idea.

When Andrew got home we enjoyed the best thing about Friday nights in the fall, High School Football!

My sweetness walking into the game!  

Making this game FOR REALZ! 

Jenks v Union brings such a crowd they held the game at the Tulsa University Stadium.

This bad boy took it up to a whole new level of awesome, yep it's a turkey leg!

After we ran out of food Hadley started getting a little crazy.  Like the kind of crazy where you're so tired you know you can't stop moving, singing, jumping, yelling, laughing or clapping because you might just fall asleep.  So Hadley started making faces.
Then she kicked over my drink, spilled her drink on the guy in front of us, started crying about her spilled drink and... we left.  =)

We went to Big Splash that morning but I forgot my phone, aka my camera, so I have no pictures. =(
*Sad Story*
Hadley was the punch line for some mean joke 3 little girls were playing that day.  They were constantly coming up to Hadley, getting her attention and then running away laughing.  I heard one say she didn't want to play with Hadley and to go away.  Then later, Andrew and I both heard one say, "Come on (to the other 2 girls) we don't want to play with her."  If they weren't coming to her, Hadley kept trying to go play with them and they would either all splash her and laugh or just laugh and run away.  I told Hadley she didn't have to play with them if they weren't going to play nice and she said, "Mommy, I do want to play with them. They're my friends." *said with all smiles*
I felt horrible, I had no idea that kind of thing started so early. =(

*Drying tears and moving on....*

Hadley got yet another nap in before our GameDay officially began. (That's like 3 days in a row people!)

Since we canceled our cable a few months back (yes, not well thought out) we decided to try our hand at Buffalo Wild Wings to see if they may have gotten the inkling to buy the Hog game on PPV.

Before we left we snapped a few pics in our GameDay gear.

Sadly the Hogs are not top priority here in Oklahoma, but Hadley did find the Big Buck Hunter game to play with daddy, while we watched the beginning of the OSU game and enjoyed some tasty wings. (We also had feeds going on our phones to keep up with the Hog game.)
We'll just say right now Hadley is not going to be shooting any real bucks.  In fact, if she's anything like her momma she won't be shooting a thing.  I tried to go hunting with my dad and brother once and came home crying.  Give me a rifle and some tin cans I'm fine.  Give me a rifle and an animal and I'm D-U-N!!

After dinner we headed over to our friends', the Owens, to watch the Alabama v. Michigan game, while snacking on some delicious puppy chow.

The girls had fun playing and dressing up.

Then, we had a CamWow session, where we laughed for a solid 15 minutes, love it!
I don't think I'll ever get tired of CamWow, it cracks me up.

We headed to church and then to lunch afterwards.  When we left the house for church Hadley asked where we were going and when we told her Bible class she yelled, "YAY, I love Bible class!"  Thank you Summer for staying with this group of kiddos the last 3 promotions Hadley loves you and your class!!

After getting back home we changed into our bathing suits for another day at Big Splash. (This is the last weekend for them to be open, we're not just that obsessed. Or maybe we are?)

Scuba Steve Hadley

Andrew didn't have to work this weekend so we got to enjoy lots of time with him. =)

This girl LOVES to snorkel!

Yes, this is part of the weekend because it's Labor Day!  Sadly Andrew had to get back to the grind, but you'll never guess where Hadley and I are going to go....
Big Splash!!!

We've had such a great weekend and I have loved having Andrew home.  Excited for more football weekends like this!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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