Friday, September 14, 2012


Well I've, yet again, gotten behind on blogging but here's what we've been up to lately.  

I had the pleasure of picking up Jai and we made a run through Sonic for some Happy Hour.  I think I'm on his good side.  =)

We had playgroup at our house and a few fall goodies to share.

(I added caramel pieces.)


Hadley and Airika, the rockstars!

Wild Man =)

Sadly that evening Hadley started running fever and was very cuddly.  I loved the cuddles just wish it could have come without the 101 fever.  =(

Hadley woke up fever free and we had some friends in town so we spent the day with them.  We started with lunch at Panera then did some light shopping around Tulsa Hills. 

We decided when we got done is was the perfect time for a snack and headed to Kupcakz for a sweet treat.

After saying goodbye we headed home to get daddy then went to Jai's birthday party.  We were only able to stay long enough to drop off our gift and grab a cupcake because Hadley was blazing hot again.  =(  
The cupcake was good though.

After dropping off Andrew and Hads I headed to a girls night baby shower at Osaka.

Where Candice made the most delicious coffee cupcakes.

It was a great day of friends...and cupcakes!

Hadley woke up fever free and full of energy so we went to church, Hadley loves helping in the nursery!
Afterwards we headed to lunch with friends and headed home for Andrew to get some reading in.

We had a very lazy day.  Hadley had been talking about hot chocolate all day so after dinner I gave in and we indulged.

It went by fast.  Hadley had school so I ran errands most of the day.  Then we headed to the hospital to visit a friend of mine, Meredith, who just had surgery.

We had our second round of dance and Hadley was so excited!!
Every class they have a theme that they incorporate in to their dancing, last week was manners and this week was emotions.  They were doing different faces while they danced it was so funny.  

We met some friends for dinner before church and Hadley showed us some of her emotions.

Hadley had school and I made a quick trip to our SAA playgroup then met some girls at the hospital to have lunch with Meredith.  (Please pray for her right now because her recovery has been a little bumpy from this surgery.)

I have another baby shower this weekend for my sweet cousin Jennifer who is expecting her first!!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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