Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Update

Hadley and I met up with Jessica and Lil' Hadley.  While Jessica and I picked out fabrics the girls kept each other entertained.

Afterwards Hadley and I made a Target trip.  We walked around for a good 30 minutes (didn't get anything, ha) then stopped in at Starbucks on our way out. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

That night we called up some friends for a little dinner at the diner.  I looked down the table at one point and told Andrew it looked like Thanksgiving: a table full of food and people we love!

After they got done eating Hadley and Jai pulled out their toys and had a little play date.

My view on our walk to the car.

*Kiddo Photo-Op*

My cousin Jennifer and her husband, Eric, are expecting their first, so Hadley and I headed to Poteau to celebrate.

Hadley was super excited to go to Cousin Ryan's baby shower.  She loves baby showers.  =)

They did the shower in green and yellow and John Deere tractors.

The adorable cake Jennifer's mother-in-law made.

Yummy treats.

Lots of gifts for Baby Ryan.  =)

 Me and Mom

Me and Mom with the Guest of Honor
(Sorry, it's a bit fuzzy.)

We played some fun games.  Yep... we're smelling diapers.  ;)

Someone cross-stitched this onesie!  Is that not adorable?!
(Their last name is Lamb, which makes this even more cute.)

They had this cute little plate for all the guests to sign too!

We are so excited for you, Jennifer and Eric!!  We know how long you have waited and prayed for this little miracle and there is no one more deserving!

*Thankfully I had this shower and wasn't able to watch the massacre that was the Arkansas v. Alabama game.  Though we may not be off to a good start, I still love my Razorbacks, Woo Pig!*

Hadley on the way home from the shower.  She finished the Nutella 'to-go' that Mimi gave her and passed out with a chocolate face.  =)
I was very excited for Hadley to sleep on the way home.  I endured "Monster Mash" on repeat during the 2 hour trip there and was grateful I only had to do it for an hour on the way home.

Due to Hadley's car nap she was ready to go when we got home so we played a round of HedBanz while enjoying some homemade coco.

 Mimi and Pap-pa got Hadley a copy of The Story for Children and we started it that night.  She loved it and wanted to keep reading after the first chapter.  I love how much she enjoys Bible stories!

We started the day with church and lunch with friends.  Hadley and I had a Sunday afternoon 'rest' and then it was time for community groups.
Hadley was so excited we got to go to Ruby's house this week.

We had some amazing enchiladas, made by Rachel, along with everyone else's yummy sides.  And Carla made all the kiddos dirt for dessert.
I love our Bible class group!

This is another full week and I can't wait.  We actually have 3, yes 3, babies due this week in our Bible class.  Is that crazy or what?  Let the meal trains begin.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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