Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catchin' Up: Fair & More

I have completely skipped over our first week with Andrew home, so I'm going to backtrack and catch you up.

Last Saturday we went with my fam to the Tulsa State Fair.
Pony rides are a must!


Speed Racer

They were laughing so hard on this one.  =)

Bumper Cars!
I think everyone enjoyed this one.

Fair food this year, I was focused on 2 things. 
#1- Fried Pickle Spears
#2- BBQ Parfait
I got both and was beyond satisfied!

Cotton Candy!!

Hadley was so excited about doing the jumpy thing this year.  And she was able to do a flip pretty easily this time.

Wrapping up the day with corndogs and a dance party!

Hadley has picked up some Elvis moves, that I've never seen.  Love it!!

Monday night our friends offered to watch the Hads, while Andrew and I had a date night.
Caz's Chowhouse for dinner and Cheesecake Factory for dessert!

Wednesday we got to see Oliver again and he is looking a lot like his big sister.

Park date after school on Thursday.
 Starbucks treat at Barnes and Noble, while daddy checked out a study book for Step 3.

Bonus: We were there for story time!

Then... Christmas Stew for dinner!!!

As you can tell we've been thoroughly enjoying having Andrew home.  He was supposed to be leaving again today for another rotation, but due to the government shutdown and this being an Air Force rotation, his orders are on hold till further notice.
While we will keep enjoying our time with him the lack of paycheck may not be enjoyed.  =/

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Hi Janelle!
    I love reading your blog, your family is precious!! & I'm SO excited for you and Oliver!!! I've been talking a lot with a friend whose boyfriend is going to med school and how she is bummed they think they can't get married until after he finishes (and they've dated a long time!). I thought of your family and wondered if you had any tips for being married, budgeting, and even having kids while your husband is in med school? Thanks!!


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